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Histories for 1st Battalion, 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne)

29 Aug Lee Barrack's (Robert Wigmore)
I was with "C" company and "B company 1st 509th and part of 8th Inf AMU from 1965-1966 and track driver of 32 one which had a heater in it boy can you make friends when you have heat...
08 Aug Lee Barracks (John Dolan)
I was there for most of '67 to include the Spain and Turkey drops and the Libyan alert. "B", 1st Bat.
10 Jul Larry G. Lucas spec 4 (Larry Lucas)
Truck driver in support platoon . Discharge from service August 1971 Live in Crockett tx
06 Dec C-CO, 1st BN 509th Lee BKS (Dwight Henderson)
I was in C-Co, 1-509 from 1970-1973. I remember many guys but unfortunately few names. I was usually hanging with an E-5 named Max, another Davis, Donald Fellon who got busted for drugs, Tony Salas who attempted to extinguish our CO. Stinson is a friend whose first name escapes me. Please help me... More
15 Nov the animal farm (Dirk Wilson)
Thats what Lee barracks was know as while i was there, '67-'70, and what a pit hole it was too. Boy was i ever glad to get to Baumholder or Graff for some relaxition. This is my first listing here so if anyone was around there at that time let me know. I was in Hq. Co. Support Plt.1/509
22 Nov SGT BRETT D. SWANK, OIF, 01/24/05 (Rodney Brewer)
Sergeant Brett D. Swank, 21, of Nothumberland, Pennsylvania. Swank died in Baghdad, Iraq, from injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device IED detonated near his position. He was assigned to the 1/509th Inf. Died on January 24, 2005. God Bless...
10 Nov SGT ANDREW W. BROWN, OIF, 10/08/04 (Rodney Brewer)
Sergeant Andrew W. Brown, 22, of Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania. Brown died in Baghdad, Iraq, of injuries sustained on October 1, 2004 when his patrol vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device IED. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 509th Inafantry Regiment, Fort Polk, Louisiana. Died... More
26 Dec Airborne 113's (Charles Hughes)
During the late stages of the Viet Nam War rotations between Airborne units found the 509th with limited selections of personnel that could do a good PLF AND drive/maintain/fight mechanized assets. All to often the pure airborne trooper faced his first 113 in the Lee Barracks motor pool or on a... More
24 Dec The Wine & Beret CO was LTC Wm. A. Hamilton (Lewis Burruss)
Bobby Seals' recollections of both the beret and the wine are correct. We wore the French panther-looking badge on the beret, as I recall. The CO was Lt. Col. William A. Hamilton. He also introduced the Adidas track suit for official wear... Bucky Burruss Co, B/2-509; CO, A/1-509; S-3, 1-509 (71... More
08 Mar 509th Airborne 71-74 (Jimmy Hubbard)
Max-Nix, does anyone remember that saying? Any you guys outhere stationed in alpha company second platoon, 71-74? Boy was that place somthing! Remember the leg that got pushed off the roof of alpha company? remember what the Germans used to call-- "Lee Barracks," the-- "Animal farm"-- we were the... More

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