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Histories for 3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment

19 Jun B 3-6 Inf 73-75 (Noel Rutherford)
Anybody here besides me, who crossed the English Channel in Kayaks. There were about 28 of us. Most from B 3-6 but some medics, and MP's joined us. Noel Rutherford
04 Sep 1962-1964 Company C (Melissa Powell)
My father was in Co C. He was stationed in Berlin in 1962-1964. He passed away in 2010. I was wondering if anyone might remember him. Pfc Larry Hall. Thanks
25 Jul Aco.1st. platoon weapons squad.3/6inf. (Allen Neugent)
Terrel, the name sounds familar, I pulled Spando guard twice, both times from my gaurd tower, I could see Hess qhen he would take his walks,at that young age, I realy didnt realize what I was witnessing
28 Jan 1st Platoon Ldr & Executive Officer, A 3-6 (James Terrell)
We loved our time in Berlin. I also got the chance to guard Roudolf Hess. I have a hard time with the official record of his death...it did not add up.
16 Jul Prison guard (john smith)
I was in C Co. 3/6 74-77,Iguarded Rudolf Hess at Spandau Prison. He tryed to talk to me,so i could get in trouble.
21 Mar the true history of 2nd to none (Hector Rodriguez-Luina)
the 2nd Bn was 2nd to None as you entered McNair Barracks you drove or walked under the over head connectors between buildings and 2/6 had 2nd to none written on theirs/ I won't tell who led the mission but certain very bright young NCO wrote NONE on ours and man did that cause an uproar. Had to... More
12 Sep 2nd to none ( )
The slogan of the 3rd Bn 6th Inf in Berlin was 2ND TO NONE. They trained with the 2nd Bn 6th Inf and the 4th Bn 18th Inf. for a very very long time.
14 Jun Berlin Brigade (Erick Odanaka)
3rd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment was in the Berlin Brigade in the 60s. I was in B/3 6th. We guarded Rudolf Hess at Spandau Prison, the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, etc. and other duties in Berlin.
29 Jul 3/6 in Berlin (Tom Taylor)
I was with C Co. 3/6 from 1981-1984. Great unit.
25 Mar none (Bob Denkenberger)

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