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Histories for 193rd Infantry Brigade

26 Apr Panama Pins (Ron Delaughter)
Here they are...193d Inf Bde lapel pins....google them or search ebay....great looking pins for cheap.
29 Dec 69-72 spent 18 months at Fort Kobbe (Douglas Heacock)
193 3rd BN 5Inf C Company was a RTO for last 8 months good duty and had good time when not in the field.Had jungle and recondo training
22 Nov Ft Davis Panama (Terry Maiorana)
Anyone that was at Ft. Davis will remember over board that word saved a lot of our asses
22 Nov Ft. Davis Canal zone 1971 thru 1973 (Terry Maiorana)
Had some great times in Panama great beaches and lots of fun riding my motorcycle and chasing the girls.would love to go back and visit Ft, Davis and Colon, Panama
17 Jul 193rd Infanty Brigade-Canal Zone 1967-1969 (Tom Ligouri)
I was stationed at Fort Kobbe from April 1967 -1969 and attained the rank of SP-5 in 18 months. My MOS was 71D20, and although I was in the infantry, I had a legal background and worked the legal area attending courts martials and working with all issues concerning violations of the UCMJ. It was... More
04 Mar 1973 - 1976 (Junior Keith (Barney) Barnett)
I was with Compan A, 193d Infantry Brigade, CMPO Bldg. 519, Mar 1973 thru Apr 1976. Great times.
12 Mar Redeye/Stinger Platoon, 193rd Inf Bde Panama (Walter Debany)
Redeye - Stinger Platoon, 193rd INF BDE, Panama Mar 04 Redeye/Stinger Platoon The Redeye/Stinger Platoon was the only Air Defense Artillery unit assigned to the 193rd Inf Bde in Panama. We were assigned the Redeye and Stinger missile systems for defense of the Canal and were considered to be... More
29 Oct 193rd Infantry Brigade (United States) (Rodney Brewer)
193rd Infantry Brigade (United States) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search 193rd Infantry Brigade 193rd Infantry Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia Active 1922-1946 1962-1994 Jan 07-present Country United States Branch U.S. Army Role Training Size... More
26 Aug 534TH M P CP (frank adduci)
21 Jun 534th MP STRAF (ron woodard)
who remembers rappelling off the swing bridge or the golden key bar across from the ancon or how about other good times after all of the training

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