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Histories for 4th Armored Division

12 Aug Co D 2nd MTB 67th Armor Monteith barracks 196 (Leon Mangano)
I was stationed at Monteith from 1960 to1963 was a driver and gunner on the M103 heavy tank then on the M60 tank is there anyone out there rember any of this, would like to hear from you . Lee E Mail mrmopa@aol.com
03 Aug HQ Co.1st Bn 54th Inf 4th AD (Leo Berube)
1963 to 1964. Was Powres in your Co.? I was in the HQ Co. next to the Parade field (Known as the "Coal Pile") SP/4 Berube
25 May Signed Books (Patti Michaud)
My Uncle John Scully was in the 4th Armored Divsion 144th Armored Signal Unit. I have several books that have the signature with addresses of his Unit. I also have a year book from 1942. I am looking to donate these but don't know who to contact or if they would be interested. Can any give me... More
25 May Books (Patti Michaud)
20 Apr 1st Bat 54th Inf 4th Arm Bamberg, Ger 63-65 (Gary Bacon)
Served in Charlie co, anyone else ther. looking for Joe Dimaria also.
04 Jan Lt.Col. Thomas P Cavanaugh (Maureen Foley)
This is about my uncle, who passed away. He served in the 3rd Infantry,4th armored division under General Patton. I'm trying to find information about the 4th armor. One story I remember him telling me was that General Patton was crazy about his men wearing their helmets. I can see this aspect in... More
02 Nov 4th Armored Division (Stephen Ecsedy)
React June 15, 1954 at Ft. Hood>Kileen,TX 2nd Recon squadron 15th Calvary to Schwabach, Germany in 1957 Elvis 2nd Armored Div. saw him in Germany almost eye to eye.
23 Oct 1st Platoon, 404th MP Company (Arthur Lambert)
I was a squad leader at Illesheim, Germany, from 1966 to 1969 with the 1st brigade, 1st squad, 404th MP Company, I remember SFC Glenn Davis, Platoon Sergeant and Sgt Trexler, fellow squad leader.
06 Sep 1st/51st Infantry 4th Armored (Scouts) (Al Cooper)
I was in the Scout Platoon from Jun 63 to Dec 65.
03 Jul B Company 46th med batl 4th armour div (George Hollis)
1960-1963 warton barracks hielbronn, germany. Its close to 50 years. George Hollis

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