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Histories for 3rd Armored Division

503 MP PL reanacting unit in 2003
WHAT IS THE 503 MP PL REANACTING UNIT??? We are a band of world war two buffs. The only diffrence between us and useual historenans is we learn and teach histroy by reliveing it. We have spent time and energy to form a group to reanacters who dress, act, talk, and look like a second World War US Army Military Police Men, ETO. We are out of Eastern MA and are incontact with many other reanacting units. We do parades, liveing histories, encampments, air shows and taticel simulations to relive the second world war. In doing so, the modern public sees the live style of a WW2 MP. We reanact Military Police because of our extended knowalage of WW2 Military law enforsement. Any one can read a book and watch a movie, but when you see a WW2 reanactment, your get a "3D" version of the second world war. You have gear and vehicels to touch, and soilders to interact with you. All in all, we are here to teach about the Second World War throu reliveing it. WHAT IS A REANACTER??? A reanacter is a person whos purpose is to teach about the time period of which he/she is doing throu reliveing. Ours is World War Two US Army Military Police. Other WW2 units are from US Army Eng, Inf, Artty, Cheml, Trans, to Russin Inf to Britsh Air born to German SS! Each diffrent group has reserched its own units history. And each unit funtions like it would have durning its time of service. We doing WW2 MP, have studied WW2 MP manuals, drill, gear, tatics, vehicels, wepons,units and battles. Every one of us is some what of an expert of WW2 Military Police. We do Military Police duties at certin events. We have the look, we have the men, we have the gear, we have the knowalage, now all we have to do is educate the public. We do this every time we get in our uniforms. And we do it well. HOW CAN I HELP??????? All most any one can help in teahcing the history of the second world war. First your must learn. Then your must spred your knowalage. If your like us, reading and speaking just is not really getting the full point acrosse. Maybe you should become a reanacter and create a hole throu time and jump into the Second War War with both feet. Reanacting units are looking for smart people to help teach the Second World War and tell its stories throu reliveing it.

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