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Histories for 97th Infantry Division

12 Mar Map and details of 97th travels in Europe (Matthew Smith)
http://www.97thdivision.com/routeof97th.html http://www.97thid.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?show&chron&f=97thid/chron&line=Chronology&id=15695702838&dpt=9
30 Dec April 9th 1945 (carl perretta)
My brother Felix Perretta was killed on April 9th 1945. If you have any information regarding battles on that date with the 386th Infantry I would appreciate your information.
24 Nov Did you know this soldier (robert justice)
Rowland Robert Justice Torrance C.A., Company "E", 387th Inf. Please let me know if you have any info on him or know where i can find any.
05 Sep Thomas Bouton (our relative) (Kim Fencik)
Our family is interested in our dad's cousin Thomas Bouton's military history. We listed some info on the site in the Netherlands where he is buried, bt would love to learn more. Thanks. Kim ideagumbo AT gmail.com http://www.fallennotforgotten.nl/Story00022.htm Thomas L. Bouton RANK... More
13 Oct Memorial for KIA in April 1945 (Ralf Anton Schaefer)
Dear Veterans of the 97th Infantry, Please be advised about the following: I belong to a group of German historians, who have planned to build up a memorial to killed American soldiers here in Germany. Thatís why I get in contact with you. So Iím looking for further Information concerning the... More
05 Jul Frank Williams, Jr 1943 to 1946 (Frank Williams Jr)
Served in 97th, 322nd Med Btn, Company, D, as a medic.
12 Feb 97thDiv. 922 FA.Bn HQ Btry. (Hubert Whitfield)
I served from start to finish in the 97th, world war two operation.United States ,Europe and Japan.
02 Feb James Glick (Brandon Nelson)
James Glick was my great-uncle and he told me alot of stories about the 97th. He was one of the best mortar fireres on the division. He is also best known for his active part in the battle of the Ruhr Pocket. It is my very sad news to inform everyone from the 97th trident division that he passed... More
03 Nov WW11 97th Infantry Division, 386 Regiment (Dale Ortmeyer)
I was radioman and gunner in a 57mm anti-tank unit. First day in combat, we fired one round of 57mm anti-tank gun, and were fired upon either by 88tank or mortar. Five or six of us were wounded, including me, and were rushed back to medical station in ambulance. I'm looking for any who were... More
18 Jun 97th Div. History (John Emerson)
My Dad served with the 97th in WW2 and I have their history, after battle reports, maps, a couple pic's, and some home movie footage, etc. Anyone interested can reach me at emerson1248@hotmail.com. John...

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