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Histories for 82nd Airborne Division

18 Mar Getting started (Robert Robinson)
I believe this unit merits a page of its own. Hope some of my other long lost comrades and other veterans of this unit find this and sign up. Check out some old pics from back in my day @ www.geocities.com/dptyrob if you get a chance. Thanks and God bless.
14 Mar JFK ( )
13 Mar Two troopers into a jet.... (Yann Iannucci)
One of the duties of a paratrooper is to conduct parachute recovery detail. Parachute recovery,as we all know means parking your duece or five ton on the drop zone and waiting for troopers to drop off their used chute and aviator bags. I was watching the approaching C-141 transports as the sun... More
13 Mar Chemical cleanup incident.... (Yann Iannucci)
In the late 1980's, I was placed in charge of a chemical cleanup/inventory incident at Fort Bragg. I hand-picked my crew, and advised MOPP level 5, because we needed to identify the chemicals in order to effectively affect the scene. As the day went on, a drunken NCO appeared, and attempted to... More
13 Mar First Kevlar jumper.... (Yann Iannucci)
Upon my arrival to Fort Benning, I stuck out like a sore thumb. A thrill-seeking, gung-ho cukoo. I was the go-to guy that just wasn't satisfied with my own accomplishments. Every morning, we were inspected for hygiene and uniform. Although the Black Hat would tell me I was in excellent condition,... More
13 Mar NBC Smoke ops (Yann Iannucci)
In the latter years of the COLD WAR, 54E was hybridized with 54C to form 54B, Nuclear,Biological,Chemical,Smoke Operations. When we upgraded our inventory, 21st Chemical Company, 82d ABN had to create a system to mount the smoke generators to the HMMWV. This was addressed and completed... More
17 Feb Ernest Payne ( )
Killed in viet nam 1968 by rocket fire If you know of him contact J friscia@myway .com
17 Feb Ernest (doc ) Payne ( )
Anyone rember him? First medic with the 82nd airborne killed in viet nam
10 Feb Arms Room Decon!! (Frank Bebla)
Does anyone not remeber the 16hrs in MOPP 4 decontaminating the (I think it was the 504th) arms room!! The tridium in the mortar tube busted and everone was feaked out. I dont have a date but you can look it up. 1st PLT (again) was on mission cycle and performed the task. And just for the record,... More
31 Dec William (Bill) Yates 82nd Airborne Division ( )
He is my uncle, I'm trying to locate anyone that might have known him. He was from the 507th Reg. / 82nd Airborne Div. WWII and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He is now 87 yrs old. I have some info, but would like to know if any one knows of him. He rec'd a bronze medal.. and was a paratrooper.... More

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