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Histories for 82nd Airborne Division

The 504 Airborne Battle Group
The original designation was the 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment, which was activated 1 May 1942. In August 1942 it became part of the 82nd Airborne Division under the command of General Omar Bradley. The unit was redesignated as the 1st 504th Airborne Battle Group on 1 Setember 1957 under the new pentomic concept. On 12 December 1958 the 1/504 became part of the 8th Infantry Division and was based at Lee Kaserne (Lee Barracks), in Mainz/Gonsenheim, Germany. In September I received a letter dated the 18th of that month, in the year 1990, from Colonel Jack P. Nix Jr. who at that time was the 26th Colonel of the regiments proud lineage. The unit was now a brigade and was in Saudi Arabia as part of the build up for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The colonel pointed out to me in this letter that I treasure, that the flies, desert heat, and paratroopers were the same as they were 47 years prior when the 504 P.I.R. first were stationed there. Thank you sir, the 504 lives on to this day, different faces, different weaponry, different expressions, but the same stout hearted paratroopers of long ago. I pray that the 504 never again be engaged in combat with any enemies of our nation, but I know as the colonel said in his letter, Regardless of the mission the 504 would drive on. Lou Schreiner

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