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Histories for 11th Airborne Division (Air Assault)

25 Aug 11th Air Assault (William Young Jr)
I was in the 11th Air Assault in1963 when was started. The best thing that could have happen we didan't have to walk anymoore. I left fort benning in aug of 1963. and return home to covington, virginia. SGT.E5 WILLIAM A. YOUNG JR.
01 Aug 11th Air Assault Div. (test) Ft. Benning, Ga. (Richard Bishop)
I was in the Hdq & Hdqs Co. assigned to Div. G3 as Oprs. Sgt. I transfered to the 229th Avn Bn. i was ops Sgt. McKenna AAF. My discharge came up Mar. 31 1965 just before going to Veitman. R. Bishop
25 Jul vet search (Robert Blechman)
did anyone know a vet named willie benton 10th.air transport brigade. 11th air assault div, test. to 1st.air cav. 1964-65. home was jacksonville fl.
03 Apr 11th air assault div.test. (Robert Blechman)
i wish there was a reunion for the 11th air assault div its like it never happened.we wore the first copter assault team got my reppeling badge in 1964. im getting old and im still trying to remember it all . including going to the 1st. air cav airmobile. some one should write a book. thanks.
26 Feb 11th Air Assault (Bobby Brooks)
I was part of the 11th Air Assault Div. I left Ft. Benning in Sept.1965, we left Savannah,Ga. for Vietnam. I wish there was a reunion for this Division.
30 Nov 11th. air assault (Robert Blechman)
hey sgt silver if u was dc in 65 did u go back in the army. to bad there reunions for the 11th airassault div test. army guys most guys were short when we went to country.in 1965.
11 Oct phillipines-44-46,511 p i r (Ray Forecks)
my friend is ray forecks and he jumped in the phillipines 44-46.he has a lot of accounts and and a brilliant memory.email paultof2001@yahoo.com
17 Mar was a PFC (Sheldon Silver)
went to Ga. in 1963 stationed at Harmony Church with Co.B 11th Air Assualt Div. TEST. Was a good tour and was glad when it was over. Was discharged in 1965 may. (If any are out there and would like to talk.)
24 Dec 11th airborne division (Jack Leblanc)
does anyone know about co.k,505th abn bn,3rd brigade, 11th abn. div.
25 Nov 11th Airborne Division (1942-158) Page (Charlie Reed)
To view, and join, the 1942-1958 11th Airborne page, search 11th Airborne Division (without "Air Assult). There's over 180 old brown-shoe troopers registered there. Be glad to have ALL 11th Airborne Division current and ex-member join the group. Charlie Reed, "11th Airborne" Page Manager

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