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Histories for 11th Airborne Division (Air Assault)

11 Apr Accident (Tammy Easter)
Looking for information on a jump accident around May 1963 at Ft. Benning. Plane crash with troops on board. They were about to do a jump. My cousin was on that plane. I could be off on the date a bit.
03 Nov I was there in the beginning! (Terry J Sigmon)
I am not sure of the exact date 1963, 64 & 65, but I was at Harmony Church, Fort Benning, Ga when we formed the 11th Air Assault Division (Test). We open shop in a run down part of Fort Benning called Harmony Church. The buildings had only running cold water and no heat when we moved in. We... More
01 Jul 11th Air Assault Div Flight Violations (Ken Bording )
I was in Flt School shortly after 11th AA Div transitioned to 1st Cav and deployed to RVN. One of the great of Air Assault I & II were the numbers of FAA flight violations generated from no-notice missions in terrible weather / night / terrain flight. I had several 11th AA Aviators as tent-mates... More
11 Nov 11th air assault (Ralph Wadsworth)
would like to here from any in 11thair assault
30 Oct irish frank lestrange (FRANK LESTRANGE)
re assagined from 7th army headquarters stuttguart germany to 11th admin company 11th air assault (test) fort benning ga.,. was not allowed to travel with unit becuse of security issues, was discharged december 1964.
19 Aug c co. (emil hernandez)
april 1st 1965 from jump school to delta co. 1/187th 11th air assault. a week later i was sent to c co. sgt. anderson was my squad leader.i was sent to the sniping course at that time,was 17 of 81 grads.i was never used as a sniper. we trained with the m14.
29 Nov 11 th Air Assault div. 1964 (Roger Morgan)
11 th air assault from 1964 to1965
15 Sep 1LT Glenn W. Whitcher* [P] Feb 16,1964 (Rodney Brewer)
1LT Glenn W. Whitcher* [P] CPT Charles W. Worley [P] John Knight [CE] CIV Everett T. Shockley 11 AA A/C from Ft. Benning crashed and burned while on Ft. Stewart's Metz firing range. *LT Whitcher died of injuries on 07 MAR 64. Huey accident in Georgia
04 Jul Original member of 11th air assault 187th (John Husted)
I was in the 187th div at fort benning in feb of 1963. we did most of our training at ft. stuart. I was transfered to the 188th div. before I got out in may of 1964. Prior to that I was in Germany in the 26th inf in Baumholder.
25 Aug 11th Air Assault (William Young Jr)
I was in the 11th Air Assault in1963 when was started. The best thing that could have happen we didan't have to walk anymoore. I left fort benning in aug of 1963. and return home to covington, virginia. SGT.E5 WILLIAM A. YOUNG JR.

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