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Histories for 7th Infantry Division

Korean War
When troops were pulled back from the Korean peninsula, the 7th Infantry Division was currently stationed in Japan at the outbreak of the Korean War. They were present during the Inchon Landing and were at the Yalu River when the Chinese entered the war. The 7th led the charge to the north, and was one of the first units to reach the Yalu River. Task Force Faith, a regimental sized unit formed from several division elements, was trapped east of the Chosin Reservoir by two Chinese divisions and wiped out in furious fighting. The 7th participated in battles such as Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, Battle of Porkchop Hill, and the Battle of Old Baldy. Twelve members of the Division received the Medal of Honor for their actions during the Korean War. Six members were with the 17th Infantry Regiment, Charles H. Barker (June 4, 1953), Raymond Harvey (March 9, 1951), Einar H. Ingman, Jr. (February 26, 1951), William F. Lyell (August 31, 1951), Joseph C. Rodriguez (May 21, 1951) and Richard Thomas Shea (July 6, July 7, and July 8, 1953). Four members were with the 31st Infantry Regiment, Jack G. Hanson (June 7, 1951), Ralph E. Pomeroy (May 20, 1951), Edward R. Schowalter, Jr. (October 14, 1952) and Benjamin F. Wilson (June 5, 1951). The 1st Battalion of the 32nd Infantry Regiment's commanding officer was a recipient, Don C. Faith, Jr. (November 27 through December 1, 1950). The 13th Engineer Combat Battalion also had a recipient, Daniel D. Schoonover (July 8 to July 10, 1953). Between 1953 to 1971, the 7th Infantry Division defended the DMZ. Its main garrison was Camp Casey, South Korea.

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7th Infantry Division (Light)
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