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Histories for 5th Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment (Light) Panama

5/87th INF (L) recent history
At the time I was with the unit, 5/87 was the only jungle battalion in the Army and the only infantry unit in the Southern Command. Our training consisted of rotations through J.O.T.B. (Jungle Operations Training Battalion), jungle and infantry training in general, CQC training, and platoon exchanges with our Latin American counterparts. When I arrived in Panama in 1996 I was assigned to B Co, 5/87. At the time, 5/87 was an exceptionally small battalion consisting of three line companies, (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie), and HHC (Headquaters and Headquaters Company). When I arrived at B Co. there was only around sixty to seventy soldiers making up two small line platoons and a headquaters platoon. Not very long after C Co. was deactivated and it's members were absorbed into the two remaining line companies. Around the same time the Army decided to rebuild 5/87 so A and B Co. were fleshed out. After this no new soldiers were sent to Panama so 5/87 was somewhat unique for it's lack of turn-over. From 1996 to 1999 sections of 5/87 were sent to many Latin American countries, including Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba (NS Guantanamo Bay) , Guatamala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, and The Dominican Republic. B Co. 5/87 was also lucky enough to spend February of 1999 training in Puerto Rico. 5/87 was deactivated in June of 1999. I was nearly the last Infantrymen to leave Panama in August of 1999. If anyone knows anything about 5/87 please feel free to post that info or, if you prefer, e-mail me at tplankjr@yahoo.com

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