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Histories for VA-196 : Attack Squadron 196

25 Feb 1964 (james stevens)
I was with VA 196 from late 63 to 65. 64 was the year I remember the most. The BHR detached and became The Concord Squadron. Became a shellback. Went from P/C on 601 to the A/E department. Then being told we were going to the south China sea instead of home. Remember a few people from then,like Bob... More
27 Mar Whidbey 72-75 (Mike Peterson)
Marvin Nance this is pete from the line crew. I live by John Boy and Kid. Get in touch... mpdpep@hotmail.com
05 Jul Missing memories (William Winn)
I was in AIMD for two WestPacs and left the squadron in Subic to return home from Clark AFB in Mar. of '73. I never recieved my cruise book from this or the prior cruise. Any help out there? Thanks for any efforts on my behalf. AQ3 Winn
17 Jan line shack (marvin nance)
Thats was about the time is was there. I was a planecaptain. My name is Marvin from Kansas City
09 Apr 196-Under Bull "75" ( )
Assigned to the Big "E" at this time Commander Bull is a Great person and fair to all. The squadron pulls some major flights and comes through with flying colors. Those were theBest of times.
25 Jan VA196 1973-77 (Robert Schmeckpeper)
I was an AMS3
25 Sep The Big "E" (Robert Raiford)
The Big "E". I was in V/A 196, from 5 Sep. 72 until 31 Oct. 75, Line P/C, P/P shop, P/P-T/S, P/P shop.
12 Jun VA-196 assigned to CAG 14 on Enterprise (Gary Smith)
VA-196 was det. on board CVAN-65 the Big "E" . Howie Young was 196 skipper. ( Cartwight and Nakagwa were later) We returned from Westpac to Whidbey in early Feb. of '72. Then we geared up for a quick ORI a Fallon det and we left Alameda in Sept. '72 and didn't return till June '73.
04 Mar Ship Assignment (Dave Winfrey)
VA196 brought the E out for her shake down cruise in early 71,shellbacked round the horn,then left alemeda for westpac,returned home in 72 and with a quick turn around, back out in 72 for second westpac,those were some turbulent times
26 Sep 1972 (Nicholas Cercone)
what carrier was VA 196 assigned to in 1972

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