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Histories for 97th Evacuation Hospital

23 Dec 97th General Hosp. to 7th Evac. Hosp., (Robert Haines)
I had TDY at the 97th on and off between 1960 &1962 working mostly in the Orhtopedic Ward. However, I was permanently stationed at the 7th Evac. Hosp. in Darmstadt. Our unit consisted mostly of canvas,expandable tents and many two and a half ton trucks.
15 May Uncle - Pvt. George C Swanton 1942-1945 (T-4) (Jean Eichhorn)
I am searching for members of the Evac Hosp during WWII. I am working on family genealogy and would like any information about George Swanton, or his friends; where the hospital was set up, etc. Uncle George did not talk much about his service. He was a taciturn Mainer. Any help will add interest... More
14 May 97th general hospital nov58-nov60 (William Winkler)
played softball with max curtis,max please e-mail me panam33810@aol.com
07 Aug 97th General Hospital(Evacuation),Frankfurt,G (Donald Morrison)
I was stationed here in 1953 as Laboritory Technician, earned this as my primary MOS with six months of OJT. Also worked here as Corpsman.Would love to chat with any Military personell serving at this time. Left Germany Oct. 1954. I seem to be the oldest person connected to the old 97th. Prove me... More
28 May 97th General Hosp 1961-62 (Margarita Deluna)
Hi Teresa, Sorry! I met a Terri Knapik from Chicago at Ft. Jackson and I thought this was you. Sorry. I will continue my search for the Terri I knew. Marge
30 Dec 97th General Hospital, Frankfurt,Germany (Theresa Knapik)
To Margarita DeLuna Kranig: Regarding your posting of Aug 4, 2005, which I presently stumbled upon. I do not know any of the people in your inquiry. I was at the 97th from 8/61-6/63 as Supervisor of Hematology.
01 Feb 97th General Hospital ( )
The Hospital has closed and now is rumored that it will be the Consulate. I have pic's but don't know how to post them. If anyone can help please e-mail me. Grandparay@bellsouth.net

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