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Histories for 1st Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery

25 Jan c 1/2 nam yang 79-80 (Tim Steen)
my name is tim steen I was there when the Koreans took over the camp in 1980. I was a 24c and now I live in reno nv made e-6 and went to ft riley got out 1983
07 May HHC 1/2 ADA, Si-hung Korea, 1980-1981 (maureen bridges)
Hello All... i just stumbled onto this site! I was only female MP / Si-hung Village Korea (bk in the day)... what memories! I was the tall blonde @ the Main Gate... Anyone else there bk then ?? "Cpl Mo Bridges" :-)
09 Jan 4 Months To Our Helen, GA Hawker Meet, (Calvin Bridges)
You may want to jump in with us for a Fun Time at Helen, GA. We'll arrange a Reception Monday Afternoon, 5 May, 2014 and go from there. If you want to join up with us, Contact SGT Trapper: ... More
11 Nov Wishing You Guys A Great Veteran's Day, (Calvin Bridges)
Veteran's Day is upon us! Enjoy Our Veteran's Celebration by being a part of the Veteran's Day Events! Trapper
01 Aug My Visit (William Fuentes)
1978-1979 ROK HHC 1/2 Si-hung ni admin 75B/ o5B. Good times different country
08 Feb Mechanic 63 b (Tim Gavin)
looking for Rick Manifold Ken Pope
31 Jan 1979-1981 C 1/2ADA Namyang Korea (Frankie Blea)
Kim, SI-(KATUSA) - C 1/2 ADA Bravo Launcher Section -Now live in Washington State.
31 Jan 79-80 C-1/2 ADA, Camp Hawkeye, Namyang, ROK (Frankie Blea)
I remember prepping for ARTEP...TAC-EVAL? Please fogive that I do not remember exactly...I was young and it was all fast and furious to me. Anyway, we were prepping for this big exercise and I guess it weren't going too well. The 1st Sgt got us all together and laid down the law. I remember him... More
31 Jan 79-80 C Btry 1/2 ADA Camp Hawkeye Namyang ROK (Frankie Blea)
20 year old SP4 arrived in country June 1979. Initially assigned to the motor pool, but was sent up to the tac site to replace Sgt Weiss as the power generator section chief. I knew diddley about generators, but PFC Cameron took me under his wing (he rightfully should have been put in charge) and... More
21 Sep Reunion 2011 Success! (Calvin Bridges)
Well, I'm back home now. We really had a great time in DC! Please consider becoming a part of our Hawk ADA Veteran Fraternity and keep up with our upcoming events. Reunions, Regional Get Together and lunch meets in your area. Trapper

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