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Histories for USASAFS Augsburg

02 Jul Schleswig Detachment (Richard Haley)
I was stationed at the Schleswig DF Detachment from July 1974 - January 1976 as the units German translator. They created a company clerk's position for me in order to justify sending me up there, but since nobody spoke German they needed someone up there to act basically as a "community relations"... More
21 Aug Playing Rugby on Sheridan Kaserne (Paul Simmonds)
Anybody remember playing rugby on the center field at Sheridan? I remember the mud games, then going to the Ratskeller for liters of Spaten Brau and BitBurger?
26 May addendum to my post (Linda Creesy)
yes, i know my bio has my Navy info but i was also in the Army from 74-77. my email address is: iceturkee1950@yahoo.com
26 May question for anyone who was here 74-77 (Linda Creesy)
this might seem like a strange question but i'm looking for anyone who was stationed at FS Augsburg from 74 until 4/75. i'm particularly looking for anyone who may have saved an issue or two or more of the Augsburg Profile and wouldn't mind sharing copies with me. i kept my copies for years but... More
23 Feb Memories of USASAFS Augsburg (Robert Arms)
Just before we left Germany our last time in 2004, we went to Augsburg/Stadtbergen and Gablingen to see how things looked. Gab is all keycard entry now and the facility is run by the Germans. I ID'd myself as a former FS soldier, but it wasn't enough to get them to let me in to see how the area... More
01 Dec Kasernen von Augsburg Station (Edward Joos Iii)
Sheridan Kaserne, Flak Kaserne and the 502d ASA Group, Gablingen Kaserne that had the huge FLR 9 antenna Array. Now for the Detachments to Augsburg. How about Schleswig Detachment and the infamous Border Command with Mt Meisner, and I think Bad Abling was assigned to that command. I visited... More

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