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Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP)

In June 1948, the Hawaiian Sub-Committee of the National Munitions Board recommended that all military police and shore patrol off-post activities on Oahu be consolidated in a joint operation. Accordingly, the Commanding General, U.S. Army, Pacific; commandant, Fourteenth Naval District; and the Commanding General, Pacific Air Command, on the 26 October 1848 published a joint agreement between the three services, setting up the Hawaiian Armed Services Police Detachment (HASP). The Commanding General, USARPAC, the responsible commander for the defense of the Hawaiian Islands designated the Provost Marshal, USAPAC as the Commanding Officer of the Hawaiian Armed Services Police (HASP). A strength of 6 officers and 105 enlisted men was set for the detachment, based on recommendations made by the Provost Marshal, South Sector Command and the District Shore Patrol Officer, 14th Naval District. All of the officers picked were experienced in military police work. All enlisted men selected for actual patrol work were above the grade of Sergeant. The Detachment was housed as one unit with quarters on the Old Naval Station on Ala Moana Boulevard on the edge of the business district and centrally located. All First Three Graders had separate quarters as well as their own separate mess. All other personnel used a common mess, presided over by a Navy Commissary Stewart. Cooks came from all three services. In less than 30 days the HASP mess had the reputation of being the best on the Island. From the beginning, HASP worked very closely with the Honolulu Police Department. The working arrangement was, that all traffic cases would come under HPD with other cases referred to the appropriate service for action. When any civil type of offense occurred off the post a complete investigation was done by HPD with a HASP representative present. This close tie-in the HPD paid dividends. In the 1949 report to the Police Commissioner of the City and County of Honolulu, Dan Liu, Chief of Police said: "Contributing materially to considerable improvement in over all police efficiency was the recent establishment of the Hawaiian Armed Forces Police organized in 1948. The unification of Military Police and Shore Patrol into one coordinated activity provided for improved cooperation between this department and police agencies of the military in handling respective law enforcement problems". HASP was composed of members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force Law Enforcement Personnel. An agency that would work along side the HPD in the interest of Public Safety for both the Civilian Population and members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependants, located in Hawaii. Of course, the Posse Comitatus Act disallowed military Police officers to arrest civilians. However, soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guard and airmen located both in Hawaii and those visiting on leave or Liberty were not exempt from that law. Also, they assure that members of the U.S. Armed Forces are returned to their units or that proper Commands are notified of personnel being detained and when bail is required for release of the service member. For years the Hawaiian Armed Forces Police Detachment (HASP) was at Pier 4, Honolulu, Hawaii 99455. "Aloha"

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