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612th Field Artillery Battalion (Pack)
Of Fire and Thunder

612th Field Artillery Battalion (Pack) was constituted 11 December, 1943 in the Army of the United States. Activated 17 December, 1943 at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma. Inactivated 25 August, 1945, at Kunming, China. Redesignated 866th Field Artillery Battalion, allotted to the Organized Reserves and assigned to Second Army, 27 February 1947. Activated 12 March, 1947, at Vineland, New Jersey. (Organized Reserves redesignated Organized Reserve Corps. 25 March, 1948). Reorganized 29 September, 1949, at Hackensack, New Jersey. Inactivated 12 July, 1950 at Hackensack. Redesignated 14 March, 1952 as the 612th Field Artillery Battalion. (Organized Reserve Corps redesignated Army Reserve, 9 July, 1952). Withdrawn from the Army Reserve and allotted to the Regular Army, 13 December, 1952. Activated 15 March, 1954, on Okinawa. Inactivated 21 March, 1956, on Okinawa. Campaign Streamers: World War II -- India-Burma, Central Burma. Decorations: None, Activated 17 Dec. 1943 at Camp Gruber, Ok. 1 Mar. 1944, Transfer to Camp Carson, Co. 26 Apr. to 10 May, 1944 Completed Batteries test-passed 9 July 1944, A&C Battery departed Camp Carson, Co. for Camp Anza, Ca. July, 1944 H/S & B Battery departed Camp Carson, Co. for New Orleans, La. The 3 mule boats, with H/S & B Battery, Each boat had 3 officers, 60 EM and 320 mules. 16 July, 1944, USS Dearborn departed, arrived Calcutta, India 23 Sept. 1944. 22 July, 1944 USS C W Fields departed, arrived Calcutta, India 23 Sept, 1944. 28 July, 1944 USS Halstead departed, arrived Calcutta, India 4 Oct. 1944. 25 July, 1944 A & C Batteries departed Camp Anza, Ca. on the USS Butner. 26 Aug. 1944 A & C Batteries arrived Bombay, India. 28 Aug. 1944 A & C Batteries departed Bombay, India for Camp Ramgarh, India. 9 Sept. 1944 A & C Batteries departed Camp Ramgarh, India. 12 Sept. 1944 A & C Batteries arrived Camp Landis, Burma (Myitkyina) 28 Oct. 1944 - 2 Nov. 1944 H/S & B Batteries Arrived Camp Landis, Burma with mules. 2 Nov. 1944 Manpower for the 612th F.A.Bn.(Pk) was 30 officers, 393 EM, and 336 mules. 17 Nov. 1944 departed Camp Landis, Burma on combat mission to Tonkwa, Hosi Valley and Lashio, Burma. 612th F.A.Bn.(Pk) when in combat, had 5 KIA and 48 WIA. 19 Apr. 1945 612th departed Lashio, Burma by air for Kunming, China. 19 Apr. 1945 thru 25 Aug. 1945, was at Hostel #9, Kunming, China. 25 Aug. 1945 or 8 Sept. 1945 612th was deactivated at Kunming, China. The 612th Field Artillery Battalion (Pack) was the first organized battalion of American Artillery to serve in Asia. The 612th was the only battalion, inwhich half its men went overseas by way of the Atlantic Ocean, and the other half went by way of the Pacific Ocean. The 612th had mules at Camp Gruber, Camp Carson, Camp Landis, and to Lashio, Burma. It is reported that the 612th F.A.Bn.(Pk) hiked (walked with mules) from 400 to 600 miles in their trek from Landis to Lashio. The Official Army list of Stations and Movements does not show the 612th F.A.Bn.(Pk) in Burma, nor any information on the movement of mules from New Orleans by H/S & B Batteries.

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