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United States Naval Air Station Kenitra, Morocco / N.A.S. Morocco
Operations Crash & Rescue

This Page was created due to associated problems of linking to "U.S. Naval Air Station Kenitra, Morocco" (sometimes being refered to as Port Lyautey, Morocco or French, Morocco). First a brief history lesson > A Kingdom (area 171,305 sq miles, pop 26,200,000) in N.E. Africa. Capital Rabat. Largest town: Casablanca. People primarily Arabs and Berbers. Three chains of the Atlas Mountains cross the country from the northeast to the southwest. With a rich Moslem history , Morocco became a French protectorate in 1912. After the 1920's Berber revolts and a strong influence of Germany during World War II, Morocco gained independence in 1956. Joining the U.N. In 1957, becoming a constitutional Monarchy. In 1965 King Hassan II took over the administration and a new constitution was approved in 1993. The United States using and expanding Port Lyautey during World War II, established a Naval Air Station in Kenitra and additional remote bases of communications etc. at Sidi Yahia and Bouknadale. A large diversity of personel were stationed here from all branchs of the armed forces, classfied as 'Isolated Duty'. The Viet Nam Era continued to use Kenitra and it's remote bases, although scaled down, as advisors and trainers. This site is Home for you to place all your memories and connect with lost friends. Post your messages and please e-mail any thoughts, advice or information you might have. Thanks .....Russ

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