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USS Edmonds - DE 406

USS Albuquerque (PF-7)

The Albuquerque was a patrol frigate, returned to the US Navy by the Soviet Union after WWII. It was sent to the Soviet Union under the old Lend-Lease Agreement. The ship had reciprocating steam main engines, which had a nasty habit of stopping on top dead center when reversing them for docking. When this happened, a large iron bar, called a Jacking Bar was inserted in the propeller shaft to turn it slightly and get it off of top dead center. Naturally, this pracitce was called "Jacking Off the Main Engine." This happened at the damdest times, such as when almost at a dock and the engine(s) wouldn't change direction. The Albuquerque and it's sister ship, the USS Everett (PF-8), took turns as station ship, Hong Kong in the early 50's, rotating to Japan every six months for duty with TG 95 in the Korean War. These old ships were that they had no forced draft ventilation, Air to berthing quarters was supplied by large funnel-like openings on the main deck, which circulated air when the ship was underway, but did nothing useful when it was stopped. Everyone slept topside in the warmer climates, such as Hong Kong, where the ship was anchored in the harbor. The station ships supplied Shore Patrol services and guard services for the American Consulate, located in the Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank Building in Hong Kong. Almost all ID tags on switchboards, switchboxes, etc, when turned over had Russian language on the back of them. There were numerous pins of the Soviet red star found on the ship and almost everyone in the crew wore one somewhere on their dungarees. Garbage disposal services were supplied by Mary Sue's Bum Boats, crewed by young women. They also supplied more than garbage services, as one crew member who was on 30-day restriction came down with a dose of gonorrhea.. This was choice duty, Station Ship, Hong Kong. Almost no one wanted to be transferred.

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