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Constituted 157th Liaison Squadron on 28 January 1944. Activated on 10 February 1944 at Brownwood Army Air Field, Texas and assigned to the II Tactical Division. Reassigned to the I Tactical Air Division on 18 April 1944 while at Statesboro Army Air Field, Georgia. Redesignated 157th Liaison Squadron (COMMANDO) on 1 May 1944 and assigned to the 3d Air Commando Group. Committed to combat in the Pacific Theater of Operations and landed in Leyte, the Philippine Islands on 1 December 1944 then Luzon on 31 January 1945. Committed to the Okinawa operation on 25 June 1945. The unit was on Okinawa at the end of World War-II (15 August 1945 location). Transferred to Showa, Japan on 6 October 1945 as part of the Army of Occupation of Japan. Redesignated 157th Liaison Squadron on 25 November 1945 while at Nagoya, Japan. Inactivated there on 25 October 1946. Transferred to the Department of the Air Force per the National Security Act of 26 July 1947. Assigned missions included: evacution, supply and courier support of combat forces in the Southwest and Western Pacific from 17 Febraury-14 August 1945. CAMPAIGN PARTICIPATION CREDITS: Leyte; Luzon; Ryukyus. DECORATIONS: Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroider: 17 OCTOBER 1944 - 4 JULY 1945. In addition, all personnel further authorized the Philippine Liberation and Independence Medals and if wounded in the PI, their Wound Medal. DISTINCTIVE EMBLEM: Over and through a medium blue disc, a caricatured light yellow green grasshopper with light blue wings, peering through a black telescope held in the left hand, wearing white aviator's goggles, red shoes and gloves, seated in a caricatured "jeep" affronte, proper, winged gold, bouncing over white cloud formation, edged light blue, in base, and casting a light red violet shadow. (Design approved by the Office of the Quartermaster General, 30 May 1944.) Distinctive emblem for sale $4.75 each (postage paid). Contact: 1SGT CHARLES W. ARESTA, US ARMY (RET); The Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group; 1813 Sereno Street; Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-2318 (Ph or fax: [808] 537-2753) or e-mail: ra1sgt@aol.com

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