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2nd Infantry Division

Imjin Scouts
Second to None

To be an Imjin Scout a soldier must spend time patrolling the Korean DMZ. The Korean DMZ is 151 miles long bisecting the Korean Peninsula at the 38th parallel. It is 4 kilometers wide and was created after the signing of the Korean Armistice. It was to be a demilitarized buffer zone between the warring fractions. There has never been a formal truce agreement officially ending the Korean War by the two Koreas in spite of 47 years of negotiation. Only a fragile cease-fire agreement is in place and technically, the countries remain at war. Since defense service began in 1954 there have been over 40,479 breaches to the cease-fire agreement by North Korean Forces. These incidents include patrol ambushes, attacks on UN guard posts, attacks on work crews, artillery and mortar barrages into the DMZ, barracks bombings, assassination attempts, sabotage, aerial shoot downs of recon and light observation aircraft and helicopters, night parachute drops by agents, coastal submarine landings by large and small commando forces, and illegal hijacking of naval vessels. At least 1,239 U.S. personnel have been killed, hundreds wounded, 87 captured, tortured, and held prisoners, and there are more than 2,300 Republic of Korea casualties. The Imjin Scout badge is awarded to 2nd Inf. soldiers that have completed their rotation patrolling and manning guard posts in the DMZ. (Under Construction) P.S. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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