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Constituted 155th Liaison Squadron on 31 December 1943. Activated 10 January 1944 at Aiken Army Air Field, South Carolina and assigned to the III (later I) Tactical Air Division. Redesignated 155th Liaison Squadron(COMMANDO) on 1 May 1944 and transferred to the 2d Air Commando Group. Transferred to Dunnellon Army Air Field, Florida, 12 June 1944 then Cross City Army Air Field on 21 June 1944. Additional moves prior to transfer overseas were to Drew Field, Florida on 17 August 1944 and Lakeland Army Air Field, Florida on 22 August 1944. Arrived at Kalaikunda, India 16 December 1944 with detachments operating from various bases in Burma. Transferred to the United States Army Forces, Pacific on 4 August 1945. Redeployed to Okinawa on 15 September 1945 and assinged to the Fifth Air Force. Reassigned to the Pacific Air Command, US Army, 15 December 1945. Inactivated on Okinawa on 15 January 1946. The Squadron was equiped with C-64, L-4 and L-5 aircraft. Its missions were evacuation, reconnaissance, and light transport services for ground forces in forward areas in Burma. CAMPAIGN PARTICIPATION CREDITS: Central Burma. DECORATIONS: None. DISTINCTIVE UNIT INSIGNIA: Over and through a white disc, narrow border gray, a caricaured, light green chicken hawk with yellow beak, feet, and comb, wearing a black and brown revolver in holster starapped about the waist by a white cartridge belt, a black radio head set with two red and one blue electrical flashes emanating from each ear phone, and peering through a pair of black binoculars held in tip of left wing, while perching on a two-bladed airplane propeller brown, all resting on a sphere marked with water indications light blue and land areas mediium brown, with lines of latitude and logitude indicated by thin white lines. (Emblem approved by the Office of the Quartermaster General on 10 January 1944.) Emblem for sale at $4.75 each (includes postage). Contact: 1SGT CHARLES W. ARESTA, US ARMY (RET); The Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group; 1813 Sereno Street; Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-2318 (Ph or fax: [808] 537-2753) or e-mail: ra1sgt@aol.com

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