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20 Apr Me 2 (Charles Wingate)
I was there may to nov 83.my name is Wingate,I was tad to engineers then to maint.i rode rifleman for tows and motor t.after the bombing I worked recovery & then the FBI investition.hope u r well.
20 Apr Same unit (Charles Wingate)
I have mug and tee shirt.
21 Nov Unit insignia (Vince Piquet)
I'm trying to find any unofficial unit insignia for MSSG 24, 24th MAU. I was attached to the Maint. Plt. during the NATO/MED cruise that ended up in the Root. I was an armorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would not mind hearing from any of the Jarheads or Squids I served with... More
19 Feb MSSG 24 (Alex Acosta)
I was on the USS Fairfax. 92-93 med cruise. MSSG 24 Truck platoon
21 Oct Mssg 24 (james Smith)
Whats up Ulysses? I was in Mssg -24, Comm Plt. when it was change to 22 or the other way around. I don't remember all of the details but I do remeber a change.
25 Aug MSSG-24 (Michael Carr)
Trying to contact anyone that was in beirut from May to Nov 83 Contact Mike Carr at usmcmdc@gmail.com
12 Jun mssg 24 (Ulysses Lomeli)
I was with MSSG 24 from around Jan 1984 to Jan Feb of 1987 we were with 22nd mau don't know why we were with 24 mau. Did 2 med floats was on the USS El Paso The Inchon LPD-12 and the shreveport
13 Mar ?????????????????????????????????? (Michael Bass-Gonzalez)
Then again, I could be wrong. After all that was over 20 years ago.
13 Mar Devil Dog, me too!! (Michael Bass-Gonzalez)
I don't know, what started this subject. But what I've just read is incorrect. MSSG 22 stayed 22 & 24 MSSG didn't merge with 22. I joined the MSSG 24 in 1987 & served on board the USS Auston LPD 4. Our unit releaved the unit that the USS Stark was part of. The Stark had been missled by Ireq. The... More
10 Mar My memory does not coincide with yours Mark.. (Rodney Thurman)
I was a part of MSSG 22 of the 24th MAU when they decided to change the name to MEU and also cordinate the MSSG number to the Larger organization number. Thus, MSSG 22 became MSSG 24 and the 24th MAU changed to 24 th MEU. Maybe there was a MSSG 34 on the West Coast? But the East Coast only had... More

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