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Bulletin Board for 522nd MI Bn (CEWI)

31 Jan Flanagan D co LRSD (Kevin Flanagan )
Downey whaddup Fam!!!???!
31 Jan LRSD!!!!! D co Stand up!!!!! (Kevin Flanagan )
Corp Flanagan is in the bldg!!!!!! Get at me Downey!!!
13 Dec HOCC 522MI Bn (Michael Jenkins)
I was 63B stationed in HOC CO "83"-"84"
03 Oct Served in 522 MI Bn (CEWI) (Greg Todd)
I was assigned to HHSC as part of the OPSEC Platoon. The building I worked in is now a parking lot. I arrived in the unit Sep 78 and left Feb 79; after being reassigned to B Co, 163rd MI Bn (CEWI) on W Ft Hood.
25 Jul Downey D Co LRSD (michael downey)
Hey man what happend to Banks the DJ that worked in the motor pool ???
25 Jul Downey D Co LRSD (michael downey)
Rush what it be man, long time no see...
25 Jul Michael Downey, D Co, 522 MI LRSD (michael downey)
I'm looking for any of the LRSD brothers and Banks the Mechanic that was a part time DJ..
13 Jul looking for all who served during 87-91 (John Rush)
where are you, and who are you?
08 Jul my email (william wagnon)
its alwagnon@yahoo.com or alwagnon on facebook. i live in fort worth tx and was at fort hood in the 522 mi from 1979 to 1981.
30 Jun hey dude (william wagnon)
hey did you take care of my wrecker after i left? im going to see your old buddy pat domingue this weekend.. facebook.. alwagnon

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