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Bulletin Board for Any former members of 642nd CSE,aTTACHED TO 41st Engr.Bn.Ft.Drum,N.Y

11 Sep What's up Stone !? (Anthony C. Munoz)
God bless the U.S Army.
28 Jul Hey Fred ( )
Do any wheelies in a dumptruck lately ??
08 Mar Tent fights ( )
There was a tent fight SST Drosier and myself were in it SGT Covey broke it up way to soon!
16 Dec Desert Shield/Desert Storm (Robert Higgins jr)
I remember it very well being there. I spent most of my time outside the berm. I used to run one of the 621 B doing a lot of MSR work. Remeber the kick off real well. I couldn't get that charcoal out of my pores for days; especially since we had to use water jugs and have someone rinse us off... More
18 Nov the "deuce" (Kimberly Waugh)
Were you there until 95?
15 Apr Chris Reynolds (William Stone)
Sorry, I believe I know who he is. I'm pretty sure I went to Iraq with him in 2003. I know this will reach you late but if I can help in any way..please just let me know. Bill Stone
01 Dec Reynolds (Bob Evans)
Did you find him, Was he the welder?
09 Nov Motorpool (John Claassen)
Yes, what memories. Remember the running when it was below freezing... Remember muscle failure in the snow.... Remember the National Guard wipe out the class six....The road marches... I actually missed the irony, once.
24 Sep 642nd CSE attached to 41st Eng BN (Stephen Hinzman)
I was the 3rd Platoon Sergeant in the 642nd CSE, with the 'Duece' from 1989 at Ft Devens and moved with the unit when we relocated to Ft Drum in '90 until I retired in '95. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the family of SPC Sheppard! My email is ssgcyber2000@yahoo.com
11 Sep SFC Stevens (Olin Anderson)
He was 3RD PLT's PLT SGT. I was in 3RD in Saudi, Somalia & Hati

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