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14 Sep Sorry to hear about your brother (Bradley Crouse)
I am sorry to hear about your borther. What unit was he in when he was with task Force Ripper? Semper Fi, Brad Crouse Cpl
20 Aug NUC Award response (Michael Timbrook)
Goggle NAVMC-2922. Then look up your unit. It will be there.
09 Jul RE: Your Brother (Nick Schwab)
First off, I am sorry for your loss. Yes, this is the same Task Force Ripper as there was only one. Do you know specifically which unit he was with, what his job was, or any other helpful information? There are still many health issues out there but they seem to be very localized and only... More
17 Apr you all can argue all you want (David Kunze)
task force ripper was spear-headed by 1/7 with 3/5 and 3/9 to their rear. 1/7 was mechanized with the assistance of 3rd aav's and a fox nbc vehicle. as for you army fucks. i was their 16 months, from the time we cut the locks of the warehouse's to find a place to sleep, til the day wedodged sniper... More
28 Mar NUC Award (Robert Anderson)
Can you provide the date time grp/message to me. I need to have that so that I can have this entered on my records
23 Mar Taskforce Ripper (Lisa Miller)
My brother Scott A. Heilig was apart of Taskforce Ripper in Kuwait. Is this the same? If so, I am sorry to inform you that he has passed. He was confirmed to have multiple blood clots in his lungs. He died at the VA in Gainsville, FL. Please get yourself thoroughly checked.
05 Mar NUC (David Kamaka)
The NUC as far as I know was awarded to Taskforce Ripper. It's in my records.
13 Feb What a country we live in...... (Gary Berns)
BERKELEY - They were united in their condemnation of the war in Iraq, but leaders of this staunchly anti-war city were sharply divided Tuesday on whether they should ease up on Marine recruiters earlier deemed "unwelcomed intruders." The mayor would not back down, and neither would most on the... More
05 Feb Commendations (Gary Berns)
I was with ripper and ending up leaving that unit after we got home, just wanted to know if we were actually rewarded the PUC,MUC, and the NUC like we were told. Anyone know?
17 Jan Photo site created (John Pettit)
I uploaded about 50 photos I had scanned. Go to the site below to view and upload your own collections. http://taskforceripper.snapfish.com/comcast2

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