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Bulletin Board for 1/27 Infantry "Wolfhounds" , Vietnam

11 Feb Aug 1969-Aug 1970 (Jerry James)
looking for any one from A-1ST.27 25 INF.DIV My name is Jerry James and I served from 8/1969-8/1970. Would like to hear from anyone. Would like to hear from Ron O'Brien, Tracy English, or Larry Hadden, or anyone I served with. Please email parts@sundownertractor.com
12 Nov Wayne Curtis (Dennis B. Harvey)
Wayne , if you see this , call me at 989-245-6685 . If I had your phone number , I lost it . I've been contacted about Nov. 30 , 1968 . I think you might like to hear about it . Dennis
28 Oct Name rings a bell (RV DiPierro)
what platoon did he serve. I was there in 68. Does he remember Sgt. Tooley,Smithy,LaScala,Benjamin , Dougherty,Roc or Claussen?
28 Oct Hoc mon cemetery (RV DiPierro)
Jerry What platoon did you serve? I was a squad member then.
27 Apr Memorial Day 2014 At The Wall In Washington (Dennis B. Harvey)
Does anyone have plans to be at the Vietnam Wall this Memorial Day ? I'll look for any group of Wolfhounds . Dennis Harvey . dennisb.harvey@gmail.com
05 Apr chas. fleek (wayne curtis)
dennis ,I found hillbilly on the vitural wall.fried of his posted family never heard from anyone that was with him. I sent a short note check it out.several of the 11/30/68 casualities are on the site. Washington,Cherry,Lepack,Kerns,Damron,and Moura went home that day. Somethings you never forget. ... More
05 Apr 11/30/68 (wayne curtis)
will never forget it dennis .sgt.wayne curtis
28 Mar Medic, 1st 27th, dec. 67, to feb. 21st '68 (Ace Evers)
We were on a search & destroy , our point man Was wounded, my sgt. & I dragged him back and called for a med evac. All was quiet until the chopper arrived then all he'll broke loose as we were loading him in in. I was shot in the chest, there were several medics working on me and you guys saved my... More
04 Jan Sam Lovette (Dennis B. Harvey)
Sam and I were also in the same platoon and I was there the day he died . Yes , his nickname was Gomer . Our platoon leader was Lt. Roe from Texas .
04 Jan Jerry Greenway (Dennis B. Harvey)
Email me at dennisb.harvey@gmail.com I'd be glad to talk to you .

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