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Bulletin Board for VMCJ-1, MAG-11, 1st MAW ,DaNang, VN

06 May cruise or yearbook july,1967-april 1968 (CELSO CHACON)
would like anyone who remembers me to get in touch with me.I worked in the metal shop.I never recieved a yearbook while with vmcj-1 at danang.
29 Feb Chavez (Sam Naill)
Chavez I just found you in my yearbook 1967-68 DaNang. I worked nights in the seat shop.
21 Aug ron white (cpl E4) (Ronald White)
I also served at the same time you did in VMCJ-1 . I was an electrician. Iworked for Marty Bradley. Marty and I have been in touch recently. Istill have the cruise that was put out at time to remind me what you looked back then... It sure was "another place and another time" Semper Fi !
22 Jul Served with you! (Jerry Martin)
I worked with you. I got there in 68 while Gunny Hodder was NCOIC. I came in the same time as Rex Andre. We were from J-3. I well remember the bomb dump going up. My name is Jerry Martin. Iwas a Cpl at the time.
27 Jun bomb dump (Leon Suchorski)
We would hear an explosion, and watch , and wait to see what way we would move to avoid the flying debris. Our orders were to stand pat, where we were. The E.M. club went down, as I recall.
07 Jan Golden Hawks (Jim Alekna)
When VMCJ-1 was formed, the emblem depicted an eagle. When did it get changed to a hawk?
05 Jan Jim Alekna (Jim Alekna)
Served with Col. A. E. James when the squadron was formed in 1958 at El Toro. Although my MOS was 6412, I worked in Squadron Flight Operations under the watchful eye of Gunnery Sgt John P. Kukar. One yr in El Toro, 1 yr in Iwakuni. Mustered out in November, 1960 as Cpl E4. My most memorable... More
29 Apr Sgt Bill Munro (William Munro)
I remember those days very well. I worked in the ejection seat shop and the liquid oxygen / airconditioning and pressurization shop. I have pictures of all the hangers crushed at the corners where the impact (shock waves) constantly pounded the steel hangers. If anyone is out there that served... More
23 Feb George Craven (charles fitzsimons)
There was no one like George. He went back to Kentuky,and became a State Trooper,And has since surrcome to cancer. I talked with his wife, Connie, and she said, he did receive a Bronze Star, from the rocket attack .and if my memory serves me right,for putting out a fire on the flight line. Chuck... More
23 Feb Pumpjockies (charles fitzsimons)
I was at Mag 11, from 1966-1967.I fueled A-4's,A-6's, F-4's F-8's,and,during the civil out brake,in Da Nang we fueled some choppers from Monkey Mt. Oh ya, We use to fuel some Sub Chasers from the Phillipines. Those guy's were a source of booze for between two and $5. a 5th.Cpl. Chuck Fitzsimons mos... More

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