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Bulletin Board for 101st Airborne..326 Engr Bn

Jerry Berry (PIO, 3rd Bn, 506th Inf.)
A fourth engineer platoon was organized October 1967 from currently assighed personnel and equipment from Company A, 326th Engineer Battalion (Airborne) to support the new infantry battalion--3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees), 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Div.--being deployed to South Vietham in October 1967. The attached 4/A/326th Engineer platoon was a proud unit and served honorably alongside us Currahees. Two members from this proud platoon died fighting alongside the Currahees from 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company during the Battle at the Knoll on January 2, 1968. I have written a book titled "My Gift To You", which tells the stories of the 152 men who died while serving with TF 3-506th. SP4 Alan Lee Blair and Pfc. Hans Kletinger, the two combat engineers have their stories (with photos) included in the book. If anyone wish to know more about these two heroes, please log on to our website: www.currahee.org or contact me at: jerryberry@currahee.org. To proudly recognize the contributions of the 4/A/326th to TF 3-506th, we have provided many items with the 326th Engineer Bn. logos on products (tees, caps, mugs, clocks, etc.) in our Gift Shop/PX. Please check out the 326th Eng. products in our "New Gift Shop/PX" found on our "Stand Alone Battalion" website. If you served in A/4/326th Engineer Platoon, please contact me. We are looking for you.

Posted by Jerry Berry
Feb 15 2007 08:13:30:000PM

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