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Bulletin Board for 95th/520th FIRE FIGHTING DETACHMENT - FORT DRUM, NY

04 Aug Where Are You? (Timothy Metter)
Looking for members of 520 F/F DET , from 1982-1984. This is SGT Tim Metter. I would like to here from my long lost friends. Contact me, @ Timbo618@Gmail.com. I would like to here from you guys.
31 Jan Another deployment?? (Cheryl Livingston)
Some things never change!!
07 Aug whoops (Ashley Schmidt)
oh and this is ashley knieriem by the way, sorry.
07 Aug coming back (Ashley Schmidt)
i joined again after i had kira but as an ammunition spc
15 Apr Looking for any firefighting study guide (Leonid Solonovich)
I'am looking for any firefighting study guides if anyone can help me? e-mail me please thanks
31 Aug 95th and 520th are back from the desert (Alan Weaver)
The 95th and 520th ENG DET, have been back from kuwait for almost 2 years now. We are currently training on our new TFFT, (Tactical Fire Fighting Truck) The first active duty unit in the regular Army to get one, the 16th overall. Waiting on another deployment possiby in the spring of 06 wooo hoooo
08 Feb Operation Iraqi Freedom
The 95th HQ team was suppose to deploy and support "Operation Enduring Freedom." The needs of the Army changed so they didn't get to go. What's in the future.....? WELL, the 95th HQ team and 520th fire truck team have now deployed to the desert in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. They are... More

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