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Bulletin Board for Guard Company West Lock

28 Jan MR. Capt. Atwater (richard gutierrez)
I was a marine, you were my Capt. during that time. I was coporal at that time.
20 Apr Old School Marines (Larry Tally)
Greg, we need to get in touch. Remember the fishing trip with Sgt. Gonzales. How about the Flag raising?
20 Apr Capt. Atwater (Larry Tally)
I remember well, Good times. I talked with Capt. Atwater awhile back. retired Col. in Florida.
03 Aug Old School Marines (Greg Strothman)
Hello Larry, I served from "82 to 'early 84. The dates may not be exactly right. I then transfered to CINCPACFLT. Anyway, you lived two doors down from me in the new barracks. Remember GNY Cabato cooking the pig in the open pit near the end of the barracks? OK Semper Fi dude!!!
17 Jul response (Hanford Tanner)
Scott, This is Tanner, don't know if you remember me, played ball with you.
13 Nov MEGA 10th Annual Reunion (Tim Wood)
The 10th Annual Marine Embassy Guard Association (MEGA) Reunion is scheduled for April 24 to April 27, 2008 at The Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA. Details will follow shortly on the website and in the next newsletter. http://www.embassymarine.org
10 Nov Hey Agapito (deleted account)
We have a Waikele page also, please come join us. We'de love to hear from you.
10 Nov Salute (deleted account)
To all of you Past, Present and Future. Thank You all
29 Sep waikele (Agapito Trujillo)
I wasw there too in 1958-59 for the duration have wondered what has happened to waikele and lue lue a lay or something to that effect west loch i was there too mosquito junction,,, somebody yell at me
19 Sep Scott Wilcox (Scott Wilcox)
Found this site! I was at West Loch from 86 to 88. Played alot of ball for Capt. Odem. Looking for, John Couch,Jeff Obrien,John Allor, the list goes on.Scott

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