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Well it's been 15 years for me -- longer for others I see. I guess we all can't quite shake MarBar Naples. I was there '87 to '89, 3rd Platoon the whole time. Sullivan: I remember folks like: Hawk, Helm, Bredemyer, McGee, Miller, Kidd, Blose, Merriman, Cole, Mancuso, et. all. I'm sure you remember some of those names... Do you remember who tested the bulletproof glass on Post 1/1A? I believe the testing was done, accidentally, from the inside, with a .12 Gauge... Cruz and Brown; great to talk with you both! I'll keep in touch. So, anyone else from our era out there? Post to this site or register for the web sites!!! BTW: Humpty Dumpty (the original) was hit by a truck and killed while I was in Naples, '88 I think. If a certain Marine does not show up to the reunion, I may be forced to tell everyone that he actually did IT with Humpty. Swear to God I actually know someone, who we were stationed with, who did that horrible, horrible thing!!! To make matters worse, he was a legacy!!! This particular Marine's Dad was said to have done her when he was on liberty from a Med-Cruse in the 60's, yuck! No surprise, this particular Marine is from West Virginia... Step forward now before it's too late!!! I think the "Ricks" on Chicken Corner still fear the screaming engine of a BMW 2002. Ramming speed... AAARRRUUUAAAHHH!!! Bowman, where the heck are you, you looser? That Carabinieri still wants his "lollipop" back. He has a cushy spot in Poggioreale waiting for you... Anyone who wants to can email me: hollandw@adelphia.net Regards to all, Warren Holland

Posted by Warren Holland
Sep 16 2004 10:40:45:000PM

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