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Bulletin Board for 1/509th ABCT Italy

15 Mar CSC, 1976-1978: anyone here get Belgian wings (Eddie Paulsgrove)
I was just a rigger so my input may not count...Just found this site & it sure does bring back old memories - some not as good as others! But a good one was jumping into Norway in 78 (I think Sept.?) Seems jump day was beautiful, woke up the next day & it's snowed thick. Still, a beautiful... More
07 Mar 1975-1977 B. CO. 1/509th ABCT Vicenza (Dan Thompson)
I was in the 3rd. platoon, 1st squad. Looking for others same time frame / platoon / company. Dan Thompson
13 Aug Hey Mize. (Eric Price)
Yeah the rock old time. I remember you little red Fiat Spyder convertable. With the Germen girl's tampon on your rear view mirror. LOL Pvt. Price.
13 Aug Dan I remeber youu from the Enginner Platoon. (Eric Price)
Dan: How are you? I remember you from the Engineer Platoon. Have you heard from anyone else? Regards, Eric Price.
01 Aug D Battery 1/509tj (William Bradigan)
I was there. You were in the survey section if I remembery correctly. Worked for 1LT Snipes.
22 Jul Looking for members (james smith)
Looking for members of D Battery 1509th from 76 to 78
18 Jul I was on that jump (Daniel Davis Jr)
I was a Cmbt engr with csc1/509th from 77-80....I remember that jump well....all the rocks....our mission was to suppress the aa guns on the leading edge of the DZ with C Co.....lots of fun but lots of bruises too....Capt Taylor was your CO right? was Petreus still there?
14 Jul We are Still The Best (Bill Payton)
We use to kick some ass all over North Forty
14 Jul 09 on line (Bill Payton)
I served in Bravo co with SSG Davis and SFC Portis SGT Hurst SGT Hill Sgt Reivera i know i left some one out but these were the finest soliders and brothers you could ask for i sure do miss them.So if anyone knows where they are just drop me a line and we will meet at Septembers and drink a few... More
09 Apr checking note (Norman Welch)
ok email me at moodybluz12@aol.com always looking for friends from back in the day

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