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Bulletin Board for 1/509th ABCT Italy

21 Aug 1-509th.ABCT hhc Company (john carpenter)
I was in HHC company 1982 to1984
28 Jul Geronimo Football- 81 to 84 (Gary Wofford)
I played and coached thru those years. It was a lot of hard work and fun. Never thought I'd get to play football again at that level after high school.
25 Apr Co C 1/509th (Skip Kieper)
John Clune, Don Quintana, John Alonzo, Frank Dardiz and more. I hope you guys are all well and aging gracefully. Miss you :)
24 Apr Co C 1/509th ABCT (Skip Kieper)
Hey John! Hey Frank! Skip Kieper here. I hope you guys are doing great! What a trip down memory lane. Good grief...
24 Apr 1st Platoon and HQ Platoon, Co C 1/509th (Skip Kieper)
I was in C Company from 1980 to 1983. I see some great buddies on here. Hope you are all well. I miss those days...
14 Nov dexheim to weisbaden bct (dalton hinson)
know all of them names was in dexheim with them im dalton hinson was in motor pool remember sagoes always said he could talk more shit than a radio
12 Aug Doc Manville 1979-1982 (Albert MANVILLE)
looking for old friends, contact me at steuerman@hotmail.com
19 Jul B.Co 2nd Pltn 1st 509th ABCT (Mark Nickels)
Yes You Left Out Msg Norris
15 Mar I was a rigger in 1977-1978 (Eddie Paulsgrove)
Hi, Danny, I was a rigger then & seem to recall what you're talking about but not well enough to really help. My mind isn't what it was. Sorry Eddie Paulsgrove
15 Mar CSC, 1976-1978: anyone here get Belgian wings (Eddie Paulsgrove)
I was just a rigger so my input may not count...Just found this site & it sure does bring back old memories - some not as good as others! But a good one was jumping into Norway in 78 (I think Sept.?) Seems jump day was beautiful, woke up the next day & it's snowed thick. Still, a beautiful... More

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