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02 Jul 410 BW/644 BS ( Chris Greiten)
Any former crew dogs out there? I was a tailgunner on crew KIS E16 1971 to 1974.
15 May Michael Daley (Sarah Wakkuri)
I was wondering if anyone ever found any information on a Michael Daley who was at KI around 1974? Please email me if you do. Rainbowb7@hotmail.com
12 May Did you ever find him? (Sarah Wakkuri)
I would also be interested in finding him. Have you found him yet?
07 Feb OMS acft mech (Mike Poll)
I was stationed at KI from 1968-1972, was and acft mechanic on the B-52H, looking for other people that was there on the flight line who worked with me. My e-mail in mjpb52@yahoo.com. Would like to hear from old friends
10 Jan KI Saywer Face Book Pages (Kryssis Bjork)
There are 4 KI Sawyer Facebook Pages out there to reconnect
10 Jan Looking for James [JR] Ewing from 410 SPS (Kryssis Bjork)
Looking for James [JR] Ewing from 410 SPS at KI Sawyer during the 80's. Anyone know his contact info?
18 Nov Did you ever find your father? (Bryan Bauman)
I have not been on this site in a while, but I saw your message about trying to find your father who was stationed at KI in the early 70's. I was just wondering if you have found him yet. Bryan
28 Apr Michael Daley (Tom Johnson)
Does anyone know a Michael Daley stationed in 1974?
31 Mar ANY OLD SPACE COPS OUT THERE (gregg homoki)
i saw j richmonds A message out there. would be glad to here from any of the old a flt animals. dont forget all the good times up at ki from jan 79 to apr81. drop an e mail and ill return it. smokedaddy57@gmail.com
27 Mar former firefighter at KI Sawyer (Noel Maurer)
My name is Noel Maurer was stationed ay Sawyer from late November 1968 until January 15, 1971. Worked at both sta. no 1 and sta. no 2. Worked at sta no. 1 for 18 months as a fire inspector. Spent last four months at sta. no 2 as a 0-11B driver. Lots of good memories of my time there.

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