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17 Jul 1977 - 1980 (Rick Dearing)
I was with the 410th CE squadron in the exterior electrical shop. I consider joining the Air Force as one of the best things I have done in my life. Great memories there! Going back up there to visit is on my bucket list.
02 Jul 410 BW/644 BS ( Chris Greiten)
Any former crew dogs out there? I was a tailgunner on crew KIS E16 1971 to 1974.
15 May Michael Daley (Sarah Wakkuri)
I was wondering if anyone ever found any information on a Michael Daley who was at KI around 1974? Please email me if you do. Rainbowb7@hotmail.com
12 May Did you ever find him? (Sarah Wakkuri)
I would also be interested in finding him. Have you found him yet?
07 Feb OMS acft mech (Mike Poll)
I was stationed at KI from 1968-1972, was and acft mechanic on the B-52H, looking for other people that was there on the flight line who worked with me. My e-mail in mjpb52@yahoo.com. Would like to hear from old friends
10 Jan KI Saywer Face Book Pages (Kryssis Bjork)
There are 4 KI Sawyer Facebook Pages out there to reconnect
10 Jan Looking for James [JR] Ewing from 410 SPS (Kryssis Bjork)
Looking for James [JR] Ewing from 410 SPS at KI Sawyer during the 80's. Anyone know his contact info?
18 Nov Did you ever find your father? (Bryan Bauman)
I have not been on this site in a while, but I saw your message about trying to find your father who was stationed at KI in the early 70's. I was just wondering if you have found him yet. Bryan
28 Apr Michael Daley (Hank Halen)
Does anyone know a Michael Daley stationed in 1974?
31 Mar ANY OLD SPACE COPS OUT THERE (gregg homoki)
i saw j richmonds A message out there. would be glad to here from any of the old a flt animals. dont forget all the good times up at ki from jan 79 to apr81. drop an e mail and ill return it. smokedaddy57@gmail.com

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