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Bulletin Board for 30TH ORDNANCE COMPANY GM(GS)

14 Jul in search anyone from Niblo Barracks 67-68 (James Wingate)
my father James L. Wingate served in Korea in Niblo Barracks from 67-68 and is looking for any of his fellow soldiers.... he worked as a cook and I have heard him mention the name James C. Greere before in his unit.....thanks!
04 Jul Looking for 1968-1969 (Donald Theesfeld)
Do you know anyone that was at Niblo during this time?
01 Jul There from 1968 - 1969 (Donald Theesfeld)
looking for anyone there during this time
10 Jun CSM Emmons (Dominic Gilliam)
Does anyone remember CSM Emmons? He was our Bn CSM (227th Maint Bn). He was a tough CSM but backed u if he liked u.....:)))
10 Jun I Remember (Dominic Gilliam)
I thought Cpt. Brewer was a little comical 2 me only because he was shorter than me:))) but he was no joke. He was hard but fair. I remember when we made the move to Humphreys Those were some good times we had.
11 Jul dirty 30 (Norm Ginty)
Dominic, dirty 30 shut down late 1982. I was the last enlisted person station there. finished my tour and 194 maintenance Battalion Headquarters. I was stationed there from 1981 until 1983. during those years it was DS / GS maintenance for the Hawk missile system. the unit was pretty great... More
24 Jun Was there from 1966 to early 1968 ( )
about the time the Pueblo was capatured and a "hit squad" was sent south to assinate the Korean president.
28 Apr 30th Ord. Motor Pool (Steven McMahon)
I was at Niblo Barracks from March 73 till we moved to Camp Humphreys in the summer of 73 Capt. Brewer was our CO. I still have the year book some place in the attic.
16 Apr Right Behind You (Dominic Gilliam)
I got to Korea in February 72 (Niblo Barracks) the company transferred down to Cp Humphreys in 74. I had a short stint with B Co 728th MPs (TDY -1 yr) and then back to the 30th. I was a missile mechanic. Those were some good days for a young soldier back then. Cpt Brewer from the 101st was my CO... More
08 Apr 30th Ord Sgt Platoon (Bill Stranges)
I remembered that Jacobs was nicknamed Arab, Steve's yours was Wiz if I remember right. leRoy we worked on the Red Eye system together. I live in Columbus Oh stranges@usa.net Bill "weird" Stranges

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