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Bulletin Board for 30TH ORDNANCE COMPANY GM(GS)

SERVED 1973-74 & 78-79. Worked in tech supply and down at Camp Ames 1973 as a PLL clerk with the Hawk Platoon. Met my wife at Camp Ames have one son been married 41 years. My first tour was my best tour. They were one of the best guys that I served with.
28 Jan CSM Emmons (Dominic Gilliam)
I was with the 30th Ordnance Co. All I remember about the 227th was their CSM...Emmons. Hard but fair and strack in every since of the word.
28 Jan Trying to Place You (Dominic Gilliam)
I was there from 71-75. I believe I was TDY from sometime in 74 to 75 with B Co 728th MPs there at Humphreys and then I came back and took over Security. Actually I was in the missile maintenance section and then the Installation Commander was asking for volunteers to fill in as security guards... More
27 Jan Dirty 30 (Patrick Freuler)
I was there Oct 74 - Dec 75, in the orderly room. It during CPT Kahalekai and 1SG Fish's time that they came up with the "Dirty Thirty" name. My best assignment of my 6 year army stint.
12 Nov Made the Move (Dominic Gilliam)
I made the move from Han Nam Dong to Humphreys I was a missile/maintenance mechanic. The only 1Sgt I can remember was 1Sgt Fischer. I got in alot of trouble back then but I had a blast:)))) I can't recall the MP Sgt but he had a black female soldier as his TAMM clerk (Julia Jackson:)))))
29 Oct looking for (Richard Griffin)
Harper Bartlett Donovan Morgan
25 Oct 30th ord 70-72 (Richard Griffin)
I to was stationed in seoul at Han Nam Dong from Dec 1970- Feb 1972. It was then the 227th maint BN motor pool. I am trying to find some one that can verify that we traveled to the missle battery sites through out the country to repair trucks or haul them back to the unit. (ie dmz) thank you.... More
25 Oct Motor pool 227 maint (Richard Griffin)
looking for any one who was in motor pool 1971 30 th ord. 227th maint niblo barricks
09 Aug James Braswell (James Braswell)
Can't recall...was there after they moved from Seoul to Camp Humphrey's (K-6) In 1973
07 Aug 30th Ord -Hawk Radar Repair - Served 1967-68 (Susan Mionske)
Anyone out there that served in 67-68 timeframe (I was based in the 4th Platoon at Niblo Barracks, Seoul. Serviced 5th and 6th Platoons. My specialty the Pulse Acquisition Radar.

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