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Bulletin Board for Naval Technical Training Center - Corry Station - Pensacola, Fl

09 Jul Dean Ferren (Patrick Gilbert)
Dean, I was at Corry Field from Dec-66 until May-67. Did you ever know a Cpl John Abbott, Mickey Dyer, Gerald Poppa, Larry Duke? I know it was a big place with lots of Marines and Navy personnel. I also worked at the officers club at night whilr there. At 2nd Radio did you know Gysgt Rapp, Sgt... More
13 Jun Roxann Werner (John Nickell)
I'm looking for the whereabouts of Roxann Werner. She was at Corry in 1986 in CTR school. She left there to Misawa and I have not heard of her since. If anyone knows of a way to contact her, please let me know. Email is nicfive@yahoo.com.
09 Feb Looking for old classmates (Dean Ferren)
Hello out there, hope everyones having a good day. I realize this may be a little difficult as this was a long time ago. My name is Dean Ferren and I was in the Marine Corps from 66-70. I was stationed at Corry Field, Pensacola from fall of 66 until fall of 67. I went to 'R' branch school first... More
31 Dec CTA A- School Oct 84-Jan 85 (James Wozniak)
Looking for "old" shipmates who went through A school with me at Corry Station (Oct 84-Jan85)
02 Nov There the same time (Richard Morales)
We were there the same time. What were you, O, A, M or R? I was in S.A.C for a while and was the maintance guy working on the barracks next to the Marine Corps barracks. Then went on to be an O brancher. I drove a 1968 OLDS Cutlass 442. Then came back 'C' school for the first class of Classic... More
22 Jul 'A' School in 77 'C' School in 79 (Lynn Eyermann)
Yep, Jul '77 - Nov '77 for A school. Shipped out to NSGA San Vito, Italy Nov '77. I remember the beach at night and the stinging jelly fish!! Also the all-over sunburns and the darn women's white cotton blouse that did nothing to help the pain!! I also remember the fried chicken at the... More
16 Jan Must be dead and gone (Kenneth Lingenfelter)
Nobody I served with has return my call for duty
01 Jan Looking for old Buddies (Kenneth Lingenfelter)
Anyone out there from this era 76-77 ? that remembers Ken Lingenfelter.
25 Nov CTR "A" School (John Breeden)
I was there from March-November 1986 and wondering how you guys/gals have been doing over the years. I met one of my instructors in Yokoska, Japan earlier this year at the Commissary when I was back over there as a contractor. I can't remember his name but he's a Senior Chief now and still as... More
10 Nov 'A' School in 77 'C' School in 79 (Richard Morales)
Was there for a while in 77 I was a S.A.C. went to Iceland for 13 months and came back for Classic Outboard 'C' school. Good times both times. Anybody there same time?

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