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Bulletin Board for Radioman "A" Scool Bainbridge, MD

10 Aug RM A School-August 1973 to Nov 1973 (William Fleming)
Who can't forget Fiddler's Green?
11 Apr Class 70-15 (Richard Hawkins)
Ken - Looks like you were a classmate. Sorry I don't remember you but that was a long time ago. I got a nice assignment out of there - NavCommSta San Diego for a year. Then Antigua in the West Indies. I was also on an old destroyer, the Steinaker (DD863) and at ComSubLant in Norfolk. When I was 40... More
15 Feb RM! Dale Martin (Dale Martin)
I attended RMA school 1963-1964 and my radioman 'A' school instructor was RM1 Hendricks and code instructor was Chief Mauser.
18 Jun Jesus hands (Michael Kamradt)
There was one insturctor who stood out because he had a nice clean hole in his hand where he'd been zapped by 500w of RF. He stood as a good example of what can go wrong cleaning antenna's.
04 Mar RE: Calling all Bainbridge Radiomen (David Melton)
I attended RM'A' School, Bainbridge, MD. Sept. 23, 1963 - Mar '64 & RM'B' School, Bainbridge, MD., Sept, 23, 1966 -Jun '67. I can't remember the class # of either one. Duty Stations included: USS Cone(ComDesRon-4), Viet Nam, CincPacFlt Staff, Makalapa Msg Cen, USS Orion(ComSubRon-4), ComPhibRon-4... More
02 Mar RMA Instructor (Roy Sutton)
There was one who stood out because he spelled his name the same either forward or backwards and he was a RM1 Leffel
18 Jan RMA Instructors (Dave Demaw)
The only instructor's name I can recall from 67 while in RMA was Ceretta. And there was another instructor who had a tattoo of a clothed woman on his arm (was not clothed before he got married). There was another very cool instructor who used to shout out "Speak Hoss" when someone had an answer. I... More
13 May RMSN James Wirrie (James Wirrie)
Graduated Radioman "A" School; March 1957...went to the west coast assigned to the USS Wilkinson DL5..looking for anyone from that class
24 Nov Radioman "A" School (Michael McWatt)
Attended from July-November 1970..transferred to USS Milwaukee (AOR-2) Follow on tours were NCS Rota Spain and USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
16 Nov RM "A" school spring 1970 (Kenneth Young)
Attended RMA school April-July 1970. Separated from Navy as RM2(SS) 1974.

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