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Bulletin Board for 275th Signal Company

16 Apr You're Right (Mike Price)
It was 257th. It has since been deactivated and the detachments integrated into local units on my suggestion to CSM Dobson and COL Cavanaugh on a drive from Yongsan to Humphreys during UFL. I was there from '92 to '95 and loved every minute of it. I wouldn't have left but Brigade wouldn't pay... More
16 Apr It was 257th Signal Company (Mike Price)
Have you found any of our cohorts? I'd love to know what they are up to. BTW, did you know CSM Dobson passed away a few years back?
10 Sep CLSC-K (Michael Causey)
I think the unit was 257th Signal Co. CLSC-K Yongsan, small building down the Hill from UN compound.Across from the 21st replacement company. served there from 82-83. Sp-4 31S. We were detachment from Pyeongtaek.
01 Jun 175th Signal co. Kontum (Jose Rivera)
I was with the 175th Signal Company as a motor pool mechanic from 1970 to 1971. Anyone that was there by that time may contact me to marinautic@yahoo.com
28 Nov CLSC-K Detachment (Jeffrey Newcom)
Trying to find some people from the CLSC-K detachment in Yongsan... I served as NCOIC there from 1992 to 1994. jl.newcom@gmail.com
23 Jul USNS Darby (David Novotny)
January 1965--The only time in may life that I was Sick for 14 days. You gota give those Navy boys some credit.!!! Ha
07 May 3 Stripe Sergeant Technician 4th Grade (Nathaniel Hicks)
I am an original 275th Signal Corps Member, who served in WW2. If you youngsters want some history, email me via my daughter's email, under which I am registered.
19 Mar euric millen sp/4 (euric millen)
comcenter spec left june 1966 remember a co worker with similar name ralph dierberger rem sargent roman,sar creeden,sargent miller,spec purnell,mr starr
09 Jan me too ( )
i was a atc in opr next to 275 co,office. i was a katusa from 80 to 84. i know who mr. park is. my buddies and i viewed many movies by 8mm projecter in opc on our shift. if someone had tipped it off to MP, we should have went to hell. when i was there, there were 2civilian cooks and a katusa cook... More
01 Jun SSG Torres (Leonardo Torres)
I served with the 275th Signal Company from 1983 to 1986, I supervised and was the NCOIC of the Young San switchboard. looking for old friends? my email address is vargaslt2@yahoo.com.

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