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Bulletin Board for United States Army Field Station Sinop

...reunion in Sinop, US Army Field Station
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends, My name is Adem TAHTACI. I'm electrical engineer (studied in Germany, title Dipl. Ing.) and translator in German. I also have a travel agency. I live and work independently in my hometown, Sinop. I love here as you do it:)) From 1965 on, as I was 12 years old, I had many American friends from the base. Because I was attending junior and senior high school (an english spoken school with the must subjects in English) in Samsun at that time, so I was speaking perfect English. And I loved speaking English and enjoyed frienship with them. I had also many American teachers at the school. I was grown up with reading the books of Mark Twain, Ernst Hemingway etc, (Tom Sawyer, Hucklebery Fin, Farewell to arms, The old man and the sea etc.) I have very clear and beautiful memories with you, wonderfull, unforgetable christmas celebrations at the base an more. You were transporting all children of Sinop from downtown with shuttle busses up to base... I was also traveling with some of you through Turkey, as little guide:)) I remember Bob aus Chicago my best friend for example, who had intendet to open a cafe in Sinop... I want to say you that I am willingly ready to suppert this site with pictures an photos from new Sinop, surroundings and from you at the base. Because I have an old book (Welcome to the United States Army Field Station, Sinop, Turkey, Ho? Geldiniz) concerning in 49 pages many photos of you and your social and sport activities here.:)) We could also arrange a meeting in Sinop for example with the participation of civilians and officers sationed here at that time, I mean a reunion trip. How is the idea? I think I brought you to that beautiful old days in yor minds:)) I also give you my web site, which is being prepared in Turkish, English and German.. You can look in it now.. : sinopetours.com.tr.tc With best regards and respects from Sinop Adem TAHTACI

Jun 10 2002 02:55:43:000PM

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