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Bulletin Board for Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center, Orlando

09 Apr Hi (Chad Aucoin)
I was there during the summer of '93. Forgive me for I am having a time remembering my company number.
09 Apr 30 years ago today (Keith Mahoney)
It was exactly 30 years ago on 09APR79 that I showed up in Orlando for bootcamp with company 110. Like so many others, I lost my Rudder yearbook and with it the names of the other members of company 110. While not sure, I think one of my company commanders was a QM1 Casey. Our other CC was an... More
19 Feb Company 220; Dec. 70 to Mar. 71 ( )
CC was MC Curry. Company was the All State Flag Team and marched in a lot of parades in the Orlando area as well as RTC graduations. Never saw the obstacle course and only marched to the rifle range once. RTC choices back then were Great Lakes, Orlando or San Diego. Really glad I picked... More
14 Feb KO62 1981 ( )
Where r u?
11 Jan K060/March-May 1987 (Estha Machen Holtz Fryman)
Looking for anyone that served in this company with me. CCs were Million and Walker. Would love to hear from you!!! I went by Machen in boot camp. Estha Machen Holtz Fryman
09 Jul Active Duty 1973-1975 (Mary Hoehne Cox)
Orlando recruit company #3092. PN-A School at NTC Orlando. 20 months at Sigonella, Sicily. Would love to hear from anyone at any of those places.
24 Jun CO 017 October 1979 (Richard Hill)
Looking for anyone in company 017 in October 1979. Please drop a line at rhill49849@sbcglobal.net
17 May Need Info Dec 1979-Feb 1980 Black & Campbell (Marjorie Pugh)
Due to the 70's, I'm having a hard time remembering anything. I attended boot camp from Dec 1979 to Feb 1980 (I think) and although I can't remember the company number, I do remember our CC's names were Black & Campbell (I think). I was the Master at Arms and (I think) our RCPO's name was Snodgrass... More
08 May COMPANY 145 (Kenneth Harris)
Anybody around from C145 or sister Company?
18 Apr Company I095/1993 (Jennifer Christian)
Looking for any shipmates that were in CC Luciano's company in the hottest months of the summer. We started in June of 1993 and finished in September 1993. Let's catch up.

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