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Bulletin Board for Basic Training

13 Aug Fort Gordon Basic A-4-1 1980-1981 (Timothy Hickey)
Attended OSUT as one of the last training units for Basic going through Gordon. Any old friends here?
13 Jul E-6-2 FT Gordon, GA Mar 69 Graduation Photo (Chad Joseph)
"Someone" walked off with my E-6-2 Company, FT Gordon, GA Basic Training Graduation Photo, taken on March 1969. Will pay generously for replacement.
14 Apr D 4/26, February of 89. Ft Dix. (S Loftis)
Anyone from this unit? Please contact me at ablars2192@gmail.com. Thanks, Sherri
21 Feb Delta-12-3 Basic training unit Fort Knox 1964 (John Moody)
Looking for anyone who graduated with this unit in the summer of 1964. D-12-3 3rd Platoon Fort Knox July and August 1964. Trying to track down graduation portrait, mine was destroyed. Looking for someone with a yearbook. John Moody
24 Sep A-3 1 June 21 1977 Sep 1977 (Peter Hansen)
i took basic at fort gordon june 77 i have photos from the time my basic photo i also ended up stationed at fort gordon 67th signal Bn if you need historic photos of post i have them i am also looking for old buddys from gordon i stayed in army for 28 years 24 in the infantry jump11b@aol.com
22 Apr A-2-1 BT Ft. Knox 1981 (Leland White)
I am looking to reconnect with members of my basic training company. We trained Sep 81 until Dec 81. Some of my platoon and room-mates where: Seals, Cardinal, Fulmer, Specht, Washington. DS was SFC Swan. If you are one of my training mates contact me sabotman1@gmail.com
17 Apr Delta-4-1 Fort Knox, Ky (1976) (G Stallions)
I was assigned to Delta-4-1 in Fort Knox, Kentucky in early October of 1976 under Drill Sargent Metzker. Left Basic Training in Fort Knox and was assigned to Charlie-15-4 at Fort Benning, Georgia. Upon completion of Basic and AIT Training, I was then assigned to the 8th Infantry Division in Bad... More
23 Jun Graduating class of A-1-3, 1967 (Jim Sevier)
Looking for anyone that was in the basic training graduating class of A-1-3 in '67 in Ft Bliss, the Sgt (DI) I can remember was Sgt Dorr. I am looking for all pictures and/or the graduation book for Feb- Mar of '67. As I recall everyone arrived in Dec of '66, right before Christmas but everyone... More
15 Mar photos (harry githens)
I am trying to find photos, unit pictures, and unit books when I was in Fort Gordon for training. I was stationed there in April of 1979 with the unit B ? 6 -1 if anyone knows how to find these items please contact me thank you
11 Feb A-2-1 Ft. Knox KY. 1982 (John Henson)
Looking for anyone who attended Basic and AIT May thr September 1982 and also info on SSG Marvin Dykes, Asst DS for 2nd plt. contact jhenson63@hotmail.com

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