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Bulletin Board for Antigo Air Force Station , 676th Radar Squadron

Introduction to Roy Kleisch
Dear Antigo Air Force Base Alumni: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Roy Kleisch, I have recently purchased the old Antigo Air Force Base. The future of the Base has not yet been determined. I do have several ideas for developing it, but nothing has been definitely decided upon as of yet. I am very interested in any history regarding the Base, And I am considering setting aside a building dedicated solely for the purpose of a Museum, with only memorabilia from the Base. If there is serious interest in a Museum and a committee Is formed, I would be open to your ideas and suggestions for this project. The committee would have to acquire memorabilia and have a means of raising funds to renovate a suitable building on the Base. The Museum would be open to the public to view at agreed upon times, and also groups could tour for a-fee-or donations. There are many people who remember the days when the Antigo Air Force Base was in operation and are usually eager to tell a story about their memories of the Base. I would like to offer a reward of $50.00 to the person who sends me the best photo of the base. Photos will not be returned so please send a copy of the photo unless you do not need it back. I also welcome any suggestions you may have regarding the development of the Antigo Air Force Base. Please send all Photo's and Suggestions to: Roy Kleisch 2YK, LLC 2758 CTY. RD. HH Antigo, WI 54409

Aug 05 2000 11:38:28:000AM

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