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Bulletin Board for Cutter Sherman

14 Sep Served aboard Sherman (Curtis Robins)
I was there for the tall ships race, the Don Emilio, etc. Transfered before the Cadet cruise. Gm2 Robins
15 Jun Sherman Reunion Sept 10-13 2009 (Richard Ames)
I'm the reunion Planner for the USCGC Sherman .. we are looking for Shipmates that served on the USCGC Sherman 1968 -1971 the commissioning and/or Vietnam Crews! We are having our first ever Sherman reunion in 40 years .. Captain Paul Lutz will be there .. and hopefully Captain Walter Bartlett... More
20 Feb Plank Owner (Ronnie Combs)
Hello Steve, I'm Ron Combs. I was a BM2 and also a plank owner. I think that I remember you. Were you on the deck force when the Sherman was commissioned. Please drop me a line, Ron
27 Jan Plank owner (Stephen Lipscomb)
I'm still kickin for a little while longer. My name is Steve Lipscomb and a plank owner. I and Chris Kinchla were the SnSos with the original commisioning crew cruising the southern waters. Wondering if I will live long enough to claim a "plank" before I'm deep sixed. Now living in Colorado... More
22 Dec USCGC Sherman Crew 1968-1972 (Richard Ames)
USCGC Sherman Crew 1968-1972 Hello 1968-1972 Sherman Crew I have just started a "USCGC SHERMAN SHIPMATES" website. It will be a little more personal way to share our common history, memories, lots of photos, and especially contacts with our Coast Guard friends. All crew members can upload and... More
06 Aug Hay to all you water lovin folks (Mary Gallagher)
Just wanted to say hello from the heartland; let you all know we're thinking of you and sending you our best! are you still in san d or have you moved on?
11 Jul any fellow plank-owners? (John Porter)
Before we all die from old-age(myself included); please say hello. Thanks
06 Oct "Freida K" and F/V Golden Dragon (Mark Nitchman)
I was QM and Signalman during both of these incidents in the years of 1985-1986. Both of these incidents have made it into the Coast Guard History books located at the Coast Guard Museum N.W. here in Seattle. If any Sherman veterans participated in these evolutions please contact Mark Nitchman... More

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