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Bulletin Board for 3rd Medical Battalion (USMC)

22 Nov looking for a book (reginald bates)
i am looking for the united state marine corp recruit depot parris island south carolina platoon 314 year 03/01/1974 have been searching for years please contact me at rbate57473@yahoo.com would like to buy a copy marine 4 life
06 Nov 3rd Med Reunion? (Frank Plass)
Jack, contact me, have you run across any other Doc's from the Battalion? I left PhuBai just as Tet was ending. Went to the Naval Hospital in Long Beach,Ca. until I was discharged.
14 Oct Hey Frank (Jack Fitzgerald)
We must have met at 3rd Med. I worked Viet Civilian ward, ICU and triage. I got to 3rd Med Phu Bai in early Oct. '67 and rotated in April or May '68.
14 Oct Chelsea to 2/9 1967 (Jack Fitzgerald)
Hello Robert, Larry Chase was one more who went from Chelsea to 1/9. We were together from boot camp, Corps school, Chelsea and 3rd Mar. Div. Larry got 1/9 and I got 2/9. He survived the massacre of July 4-7 1967. I went to 3rd Med after PH #2 in late september. Hope you are... More
01 Jul HN E-3 (Keith Burke)
Looking for anyone at Bethesda Hospital 1958-1960. Tower 11 or Newborn Nursery. 3 FMF Okinawa Courtney or Kinser.
30 Jun Served 1967-1968 (Frank Plass)
Left the 4th Mars at Camp Carroll late June or early july1967, joined 3rd Med Bn at PhuBai-rotated back to the States, Naval Hospital Long Beach after Tet,1968.(Frank Plass HM2).
30 Jun Served also with 3rdMed (Frank Plass)
Joined 3rd Med at PhuBai in late july67, left for the states after Tet 1968.(Frank PlassHM2).
05 Jun remember (Richard Edwards)
Yeah I worked night triage during this episode. I remember the onslaught of choppers and have nightmares to this day about that action god bless
10 Apr The Aloha Bunch (Dylan Anderson)
Man I miss Aloha fridays, Becks runs to the rifle range, Team Spirts, Good times.
14 Mar looking for anyone who served fr '65 thru '68 (Frank Green)
Does anyone remember Frank J. Green with H & S Company 3rd Medical Battalion, A, B, C, and D Company. With 3rd Med Bn form December '65 thru August '68. Dong Ha, Danang, Hue, Quang Tri, Phu Bai, L.Z Vandergriff ? Was an electrician who worked with Graves and Registraion team 2 on occasion.

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