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Bulletin Board for Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 166 (HMM-166)

15 Apr Mike Vinet (Manuel Cueva)
Dan, Sorry you found out this way. I was on the cruise with Mike when wew lost him. I had just started aircrew training the day he died. I was also on the recovery team that picked up the wreck. Check out my profile on www.marines.togetherweserved.com. A little tribute there to the crew. Manny
12 Apr What a loss (Daniel Stewart Jr.)
Sorry to here of the loss, I haven't seen or talked to him since I left the Unit in 88. Dancing bear (Sgt Stewart)
04 Feb Keeping in touch (James Boerst)
I havent talked too many people I have spoken to John Place a Bit other than that not much just found this site and thought I would try. Hope things are well for you I am living happily in Bozeman MT with my wife and 3 Kids. talk to you soon ....Jim
19 Dec FALLEN HEROES MMHS166 (Rodney Brewer)
19 DEC 07, If interested in casualties from 9/11 on and other things; Go to the 143rd Sustainment Command main page. Check the message board for posts from me.. Rod.
13 Nov MEGA 10th Annual Reunion (Tim Wood)
The 10th Annual Marine Embassy Guard Association (MEGA) Reunion is scheduled for April 24 to April 27, 2008 at The Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA. Details will follow shortly on the website and in the next newsletter. http://www.embassymarine.org
28 Aug Gunney Welliver (Robert Welliver)
To all Seaelks, I do not know if you have heard, but my husband, GySgt. Robert H. Welliver passed away April 25, 2006. If you have any stories which you would like to tell me about, please e-mail at patwelliver@yahoo.com. I would greatly appreciate it. I miss Bob very, very much!!! Pat Welliver
08 Aug Parker (Robert Tuttle)
The last time I saw Parker he was in Community College in Jacksonville, N.C. and also working part time at a 7-Eleven across from New River.
05 Dec Long Time (Lonis Deaton)
Squeeky P, what is going on. Probally don't remember me but i went to SERE School with you. Cpl Deaton at the time. I have since retired in 2001 and now work at American Airlines as a Fleet Supervisor for the A300 A/C.
29 Nov Jimmy Graves passed away (Tom Mcgee)
hey guys, Just in case you didn't know, Jimmy died about 2 months ago after battling esophogus cancer for over a year. I was able to talk to him quite a bit during the last 3 months. He was the 'Jimmy' we all knew and respected right up until the last day. I spoke to him the morning before he died... More
05 Nov manny (James Adams)
ive kept in touch with clippinger & walrus. they are the same as they were in the corp. i haven't talked to rob davis in a couple of years. last time i talked to him he had just gotten married. we are all fine in ga ive been married for 11 years with two kids and work for bellsouth telephone.

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