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Bulletin Board for 7th Motor Transport Battalion (USMC)

18 Jan Flying "A" 7th MT (Dominick Penna)
I left in Dec 66. Was there with cousine John Penna. Did you know him? He was KIa june 67 when he and Terry Pinkowski hit the mine. Don
05 Jan baby face (David Eckelbarger)
i was there road twin 50 on wrecker david eckelbarger
21 Dec kevin duchene (Kevin Duchene)
looking for old friends
18 Dec wiskey-1 (Raymond Fisher)
yes was wecker driver july 1967 to sept 1969
17 Dec Wrecker driver (Earnest York)
Were you Cpl a wrecker driver?
07 Dec Friend? (James Carter)
Hi. I'm James Lee Carter (went by Lee). In B Company from May 68 until November 69. Was a 3531 and later reassigned to the company office. Still managed to ride convoys from Red Beach to An Hoa and Quang Tri to Vandegrift, Rock Pile, etc. Left as a Corporal. Your name is very familiar. Are you... More
02 Dec 7th motor transport btn. T co. A co (Peter Bazylewicz)
I served from nov. 68 to nov. 69 Dong Ha. company. any marines out there?
13 Nov Looking for my brother (Kelly Roark)
Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me get in contact with my brother, Tony Stanovich. If any of you are in contact with him, please tell him that his sisters Teresa and Nancy would love to hear how our little brother is doing. If any of you know Tony, please have him email us at... More
12 Nov da nang map (Ralph Matthews)
Here's the link of a Da Nang map I have on e-bay, that you might like to have a look at.... R. Matthews, Saigon http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=350116478312&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=022
05 Nov Harvey (Jerry Parr)
Welcome Home Marine & Semper Fi... W/ 7th MT 11/69 'til we hauled everything out of Deep Water Pier Tiensha. @ H&S Co, but was a "newby" so ran as gunner on more than a few runs toup to Dong Ha & Highway 9 as well as DaNang. Remember one run to Red Beach late '69 rode shotgun w/ a driver named... More

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