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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 26th Marines

26 Apr A/126- 68-69" Fly here" (Larry Warner)
thinking of: condello, easter, Jason, slim, goog, mike,poopsy, stewert... semper- fi. larry warner "Fly".
18 Apr Bravo (John Hennessey)
Never forget bravo co.unfortunate that there was no rosters and everyone just rotated back to states. Am in touch with mike buckenberger my radio operator when I was co. Also lt Murphy and barnabee. Carl blakeslee died recently but we were pretty tight. Hope you are well.thanks for your help and... More
29 Mar John, you were XO for Bravo (Jackie Frazier)
I was sqd leader in 2nd plt 1st sqd, Jay Mancini was plt commander... I can't seem to find any of the old Bravo Gang... Glad to see your still with me !!!
28 Mar l/cpl George Burgess 0331 squad ldr (George Burgess)
served same time,place. moved to namo bridge then went afloat to 9th mab
27 Mar Pfc Bliss, 1/26 9th MAB (Jackie Frazier)
I served with you and Doc Geldaris and I'm looking for him also... Msg me back ... Jackie Frazier, you probably called me Gunny and sorry not too smart with this stuff... And you were a gunner in my sqd 580 227 0740
12 Nov 1969 (Steve Eisentrager)
I was stationed for the first few months of 1969 on hai vahn pass with charlie co. Weapons platoon. Went by name of ike. From there we did helicopter assaults from carriers.
20 Aug KIA Khe Sanh 02/25/1968 (Christopher Miller)
My uncle, Douglas W. Smith, was KIA on 2/25/68 at Khe Sanh. He was with Bravo co. 1st BN, 26th Marines. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember him. He was 18 when he was killed and most of those that he served with were killed during that patrol. I am just learning the history of the... More
06 Mar Joe looker (John Hennessey)
Joe was a platoon sgt in my company.the best of the best
06 Mar Joe looker (John Hennessey)
Joe was a platoon sgt in my company.the best of the best
06 Mar Time frame (John Hennessey)
Got to shorten the time frame,any help I was there in 1969 and did not know him

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