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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 26th Marines

13 Nov William Terrell (Sandra Hester)
I am looking for anyone who might have known my Uncle. William 'Bill" Terrell. His plane was shot down over Khe Sanh in 1968. Any type of information on him would be appreciated. I never got to meet him. Thank you for serving our country.
07 Jul Robert Falk (Robert Falk)
Trained at Los Pulgas March to July 1966 and went to nam on the USS IWO-JIMA. Was an M60 Machine Gunner with B CO. 1/26 Close buddies Tom Hanks,Dennis Puleo,Bob Devenzia,Bob Compton,and Gary Reeder.
01 May I was with B Company (David Strong)
Sounds like you deployed to RVN with the Unit. I was there also at the same time.
01 May B co 1/26 1966 - 67 (David Strong)
Are there any mebers of B Company 1/26 out there that trained at Los Pulgas MCBCP during May 1966 and deployed to RVN during July 1966. I believe I was in erd platoon but time has made me unsure. Lets talk. Dave Strong
21 Apr Friends of my Dad (Eric Lewis)
I am looking for men who served with my father, "Mike" Lewis in the 1st/26th in Khe Sanh from 1967-1968. He finished Staff Sargeant by the time he left Vietnam. Please email me if you served with my father at goodcaptain16@hotmail.com. I am sure he would love to connect with you!
21 Aug Hill 55 (Charles Bowen)
Were you there
03 Aug Anybody remember LCpl Ed Vercouteren (Richard Vercouteren)
Looking for anyone who knew LCpl Ed Vercouteren KIA 6Jun67 on hill 950 or 7Jun67 on patrol hill 821. Can't figure out which from action reports dvercouteren@yahoo.com
17 May donald stephens (donald stephens)
i served with 1/26 c. company 1966 to 1967
16 May tim payer (timothy payer)
please contact me, my dad remembers you... tpalmer1118@gmail.com
14 May my dad knew him... (timothy payer)
please email me asap tpalmer1118@gmail.com

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