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Bulletin Board for 1st Battalion, 26th Marines

17 May donald stephens (donald stephens)
i served with 1/26 c. company 1966 to 1967
16 May tim payer (timothy payer)
please contact me, my dad remembers you... tpalmer1118@gmail.com
14 May my dad knew him... (timothy payer)
please email me asap tpalmer1118@gmail.com
14 May can someone help me... (timothy payer)
I am looking for anyone that served with my dad, from 1966-1974 in 1st battalion 26th marines 3rd division bravo co. please help if anyone can... contact me at tpalmer1118@gmail.com
21 Sep I am looking for buddies too. In Nam the same
My name is John Yong, I was the plt leader for Delta co. 1968-1969. Have been trying to locate everyone, due to passing of time, have forgotten their name. I could be contacted at john.ng@netzero.net
25 Aug 1/26 H&S Company Motor Transport (Ron Sluder)
My name is Ron Sluder and I was with H&S Company Motor Transport from August 1968 to September 1969 running convoys from Quang-Tri to Landing Zone Stud (Vandegrift Combat Base) and south to Danang. We were later attached to 5th Marine Amphibious Brigade from March 1969 until I was rotated out in... More
24 Aug 67-68 Charlie Company Connections (David George)
Looking for anyone who may have known Walter Isbell alias "Crazy Izzy" Charlie Company 1967-1968
20 Jul Guy Pete ( )
When did you leave 3rd Platoon? Do you remember Paul O'Malley?
01 Jul B/1/26 1st plt. (Ingram Martin)
1 of the 17yr. olds that didn't go with 3/7 jan.66. missed hill fights trans.3/7 jan.67 saw a few guys with 6th mar. at lejuene, was inB/1/8 2 carib cruises isee4i@yahoo.com
15 May B/1/26 (Robert Foreit)
Was withB/1/26 from the day it formed up in Calf Was the PLT GUD for the 3rd PLT

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