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Bulletin Board for Naval Base: Rota, Spain

30 Oct Sorry-- Rotadays was closed. (Michael Lang)
It was closed for lack of interest-- that and the renewal came up and there weren't too many hits on the site. The only pics I had were back in the 80's. I'll play around with the idea of reopening rotadays-- I just wish that more members signed up. Regards, Mick Lang
03 Oct rota vet (George Bushy)
My name is George Bushy BM3, i was in the port dept. from 4-69 to 5-71. the last 6 months i worked in the big mess hall as the master at arms. i loved it in spain. I remember joe endd, larry kolb, chesty and buddies from the marine barracks,girtman, mcarthey, chief mikels, barray... More
03 Oct Can't get to site ( )
I tried the url of www.rotadays.com and it can not be found??? I am really interested in old pictures of Rota around 1970 to 1975.. Brian Reavey
19 Aug Don Wiggins (Michelle Tremblay)
He and I were stationed there and the best of friends. We were both there in 81-82. How can I find him? Thank you!
04 Apr I can help you (Stephanie Stambaugh)
e-mail me and I will tell you
02 Apr Rota Days is now online! (Michael Lang)
Interested in finding friends from the exciting days of Rota Spain? Go to www.rotadays.com Upload pics, chat on the forum, post articles. A great way to stay in touch.
21 Jan crash crew , rota spain ( )
looking for anyone stationed in rota spain during this time, Mike Fisher Winterset,IA
21 Jan crash crew, rota, spain ( )
looking for anyone stationed in the crash crew or operations at the air terminal, from 1958 to 1961
12 Jan Looking for Andrew Jackson Weathers RM ( )
e-mail Anita @ Iris_Vangogh@yahoo.com
31 Dec frends (Bernard J. Stambaugh)
Would like to hear from anyone that worked at the lox plant in 63 or 64

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