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Bulletin Board for Naval Base: Rota, Spain

07 Apr Anybody out there? ( )
Hello-Do you remember Troy Ackerman? I was with PSD in Rota from 1988 to 1992. Would like to hear from old friends from that time.
25 Mar Looking for Bob White (Scott Beckett)
Bob White was stationed at Port Department 1964-?? He used to come with me to San Fernando a lot would like to find. I was with NAS from 1962 thru July 1965. My brother Charles was also stationed in Rota..
20 Mar ACCM H Kauffman (Larry Barr)
I was actually a dependent in Rota from '69 to '75. My dad was best friends with "Herb". I spent alot of hours in the tower which eventually led me to join the Navy and become a controller myself, (much to the chagrin of my dad, an old school black shoe, RMC Barr). For any of you that knew ACCM... More
05 Feb Doc Calvo (James Hammock)
I am looking for a corpsman that was with the Marines in Rota his name is Mario Calvo If anyone can give me any information on how to contact him please send it to hammock37@sbcglobal.net
28 Dec RotaDays will be up within the next 30 days (Michael Lang)
Hiya Dave, With all that's going on lately, I still have to finish putting out a few fires that have been burning for far too long. Once that's done, I'll re-home RotaDays to my current server and get everything running again. Happy Holidays! Mick
28 Dec Site up Mick? (David Osband)
Mick, Do you have that site up and running yet? Is there an alternative (poss, prob, could)? Cheers
07 Dec to suribachi crew ( )
please ignore my previous message if you do not remember me gonzo
07 Dec suribachi crew ( )
to you guys that played ball with the crazy crossover and incredible shot gonzo wish you all the best maybe we should have kept in touch a little more especially you j.t. scott
30 Nov So sad... (Maria Delgado)
I just miss my coumtry so much, the small of the air, the sun, my dear family, my walks on the beach with my husband and kids, is dificult sometimes been far away, so far but I hope next orders we can pick up my coumtry again.
31 Oct bill kendall (Billie Kendall)
i was at nsga rota from 5-75 to 5-78. maint sec sup. xfered to dia washington. had to retire after that assignment.

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