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Bulletin Board for Naval Air Station: Bermuda

15 May Heya Roland, Jamie & Gina.... (Chris Gregg)
Good to see recognizable names from so long ago. Hope everyone is doing well these days.
15 Apr re:89-91 (Roland Menendez)
i was stationed there from 1990 - 1992 as a Radioman at the Transmitter Site
29 Oct feb 89-91 annex (Jamie Gilson)
I was at the annex for a couple of years trying to find old friends. I worked at the boathouse. 89-91.
29 Oct annex boathouse (Jamie Gilson)
I was at the annex from feb 89 to 91 my name is jamie, I would have been and e-1 working as a bm. write me- jamie05nurse@yahoo.com
29 Oct bermuda annex/ jamie gilson 89-91 (Jamie Gilson)
looking for anyone who was stationed on the annex during my tour. specific: kim, tami, mike, eric. hope to hear from you. bye for now.
17 Oct Marine Barracks-Bermuda (Gordon Rusk)
Greg- I was at NAS from May 1972-Nov 1973 at the Marine Barracks. I am in contact with two other Marines who served with me. A chance they might know someone you did. G Rusk
07 Aug seabee with a black motorcycle (Michael Kipp)
Looking for the female PO3 Seabee stationed at NAS bermuda between 1981-1985
15 Mar looking for theresa gunther(?) (Melissa Fox)
theresa was stationed at NAS Bermuda in the early 1990's. i believe she left the Island in 1993. She has a husband named James (nickname Jim) and they came from tennessee. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of theresa and her husband, please contact me at wednesday_3@hotmail.com.... More
02 Mar Nas Bermuda Annex 1990 - 1992 (Roland Menendez)
Hey there...i was stationed at Nas Annex from 1990-1992..my name is Roland Menendez and i would really like to find some of my old buddies on here..email me @ Rollieman71@aol.com
23 Feb Looking for old friends - NAS Annex 1989-1991 (Regina Felder)
Hello all...looking for any friends from NAS Annex. This is Gina Felder. Hit me up at ginabell725@yahoo.com

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