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Bulletin Board for Naval Air Station: Bermuda

29 Oct bermuda annex/ jamie gilson 89-91 (Jamie Gilson)
looking for anyone who was stationed on the annex during my tour. specific: kim, tami, mike, eric. hope to hear from you. bye for now.
17 Oct Marine Barracks-Bermuda (Gordon Rusk)
Greg- I was at NAS from May 1972-Nov 1973 at the Marine Barracks. I am in contact with two other Marines who served with me. A chance they might know someone you did. G Rusk
07 Aug seabee with a black motorcycle (Michael Kipp)
Looking for the female PO3 Seabee stationed at NAS bermuda between 1981-1985
15 Mar looking for theresa gunther(?) (Melissa Fox)
theresa was stationed at NAS Bermuda in the early 1990's. i believe she left the Island in 1993. She has a husband named James (nickname Jim) and they came from tennessee. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of theresa and her husband, please contact me at wednesday_3@hotmail.com.... More
02 Mar Nas Bermuda Annex 1990 - 1992 (Roland Menendez)
Hey there...i was stationed at Nas Annex from 1990-1992..my name is Roland Menendez and i would really like to find some of my old buddies on here..email me @ Rollieman71@aol.com
23 Feb Looking for old friends - NAS Annex 1989-1991 (Regina Felder)
Hello all...looking for any friends from NAS Annex. This is Gina Felder. Hit me up at ginabell725@yahoo.com
20 Feb looking for past marine friends (David Meehan)
hello,my name is dave meehan, I was stationed in MCSF BDA from 90-92, looking for friends to reconnect with,,,maybe a possible reunion down the line...all the guys that I raised hell with!!!!
07 Feb L/CPL ( )
Looking for Marines station in 1973
19 Nov AIMD 1984-1988 (Mike Hobson)
Seeking memebers of AIMD from 1984-1988. Hope to hear from any of you still out there.
04 May Memories (Jerry Scruggs)
Remembering the good times had in Bermuda as a Navay brat seeing some familiar names on Post. My first kiss was in Bermuda my first job was in Bermuda. Remebering what the life was like brings back alot of fond memories thank you for those moments again.

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